Mail Call

May 05, 1999

"The City of Hagerstown wants to cut the trash collection in half and charge you $10 more a year. What for? Why should our fees be raised instead of lowered? I just don't understand how they can vote for this. It is not fair to the public. We have to have trash sitting around for all the cats, dogs, and birds to eat and then we have to clean it up because the city doesn't come to clean the streets enough. So if nothing else, we should have our fees cut in half for the labor we have to put out to clean this trash up. Maybe these council members and the mayor should go out and clean the mess up themselves at their own expense."

"I understand how the father of one of the victims feels in Colorado. He pulled down the crosses of the two young men that killed those students. He took down the crosses that were six feet high and replaced them with thigh-high crosses which were shorter than the other ones. I feel that it was wrong. We are all children of our God here on the face of this Earth. We are not here to judge, but to be judged. Those two young men will finally be judged by Our Father up in heaven. It is not right for us here on Earth to pass judgment on them. What are we going to do now, walk into a graveyard and find all these murderers on one side and find all the supposedly non-sinners on the other side? It's called unconditional love. That's what Our Father wants us to believe and hold the truth to that here on the face of this Earth."


"I would like to thank the guys for paving Downsville Pike. The road is now rougher than it was before."

"I am calling with concerns about the threats in school. I have a daughter in one of the area high schools. Because of a situation on Monday, she did not go to school, but yet high school students are only supposed to miss six days or they have their credits taken away. I think something needs to be done about this because it is very uncomfortable for the students to have these kinds of threats made upon them. Rather than deny students credits, they need to get prayer back into schools and the 10 Commandments. One of them is 'Thou Shall Not Kill,' and we can thank our legislators for this situation."

"This is about the woman who was hit and killed by a car while trying to save her dog. The driver that hit her was named in the article, but why wasn't the driver of the car she was in named?"

"I would like to know what the Board of Education is going to do about these students who miss school because they are scared to go to school? I don't think that it is right that they hold that against them. It's not their fault. I think they should give some kind of accommodation to these children that are scared and call these parents and make sure that that is the reason why they aren't going to school, and then let it go from there. Why send a scared kid to school? That is mental cruelty to make them sit there all day long being scared. That's not fair at all."

"I would like for everyone to ride down Md. 67. This is beyond Boonsboro and see the beautiful dogwood trees around this lady's house. They are so pretty. You really have to look to see her house, they are beautiful. I hope everyone stops by."

"I think the community service by the offenders was the best crime plan in answer to cigarettes and other littering. It should also apply to graffiti. Let the ones making the mess clean up the mess. About the once-a-week trash pickup, look at what Washington D.C., is fighting now, a rat war. We can do without that. With once-a-week pickup and all the littering we would have a rodent war in a very short time. Let's get and keep Hagerstown clean. Let's have some pride for our town."

"This is a local newspaper carrier in the Boonsboro area. Last night while delivering papers around 4 a.m., a small moped or motorcycle was carrying two small kids while driving with no lights on whatsoever and totally dressed in camouflage. In the wake of every thing that's happened, parents think that this is just a paint ball thing that they are doing. But at 4 a.m., coming out of the town area and shooting down a very main road with no lights on. If anybody out there heard or saw these kids, I hope that someone called the Washington County Sheriff's Department. Someone needs to wake up and see what is going on. I hope someone saw these kids. It was on Md. 67."

"This is to the person who asked about what happened to the Learning Channel on Antietam Cable. It changed to Channel 60."

"Cutting the trash collection in Hagerstown to once weekly will do nothing but cause problems."

"I would like to say thumbs up to the Family Craft Store on Virginia Avenue for giving away free yellow ribbons for the three young soldiers that were held captive. What a nice gesture."

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