City budget highlights

May 02, 1999

Highlights of the proposed Hagerstown budget for the 2000 fiscal year, which begins July 1.

- No increase to the property tax rate.

- Trash collection fee increase from $12.50 every three months to $15 every three months.

- Trash collection cut from twice to once a week.

- Curbside mixed paper recycling pickup eliminated.

- 3 percent water rate hike.

- 3.5 percent sewer rate hike.

- $2 increase in monthly permit rates at all city parking lots.

- $150,000 for landscaping and to expand the size of the downtown parking lot off Potomac Street.

- $150,000 to acquire land for a 54-space parking lot near the new district court building to be built on West Antietam Street.


- One layoff - City Farmers Market market master, a part-time position.

- Seven positions, including three in the police department, either currently or soon to be vacant, will not be filled.

- Ice rink - $114,000 subsidy.

- Pool - $106,839 subsidy.

- Golf course - $55,875 subsidy.

- Municipal Stadium - $78,209 subsidy.

- Closing city parks at dusk to save $20,000.

- $45,000 to fund a loan to the American Little League for the construction of a new field in Hager Park.

- $1,325,000 toward the Fairgrounds Redevelopment Project, includes construction of athletic fields expected to be completed by summer 2000.

- $83,000 for the Police Athletic League to renovate old Clubhouse at the Fairgrounds and construct an inline hockey rink at the Fairgrounds.

- $100,000 for decorative lights on West Antietam Street near the site of the district court building to be built there.

- $156,000 for the Home Store, funded by federal grant.

- $559,849 for commercial property rehabilitation loans.

- $200,000 to support renovation of residential property.

- $627,490 for the Single Family Home Ownership program.

- $22,550 for Western Maryland Blues Fest.

- $21,695 for Mummers Parade.

- $26,400 for Christmas decorating.

- $7,730 for Augustoberfest.

- $7,600 for Christmas in the Park.

- $6,950 for Miss Maryland Pageant.

- No more meals for mayor and City Council members during their weekly meetings to save $2,500.

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