Mail Call for 4/29

April 29, 1999

"Why was the grass mowed on Sunday at Eastern Elementary School and why do they always cut it so low and scrape the ground?"

"I said it before and I will say it again, there are no three persons being held prisoner in Yugoslavia. That is all propaganda, don't the American people understand that? The government wants to get the American people all excited so they can justify sending ground troops into combat. They pulled the same thing when they showed three people being held in Iraq. I believe most people are too dumb to realize what is going on."

"I believe I endorse the zero tolerance of Mayor Bruchey and even wanting to get people who throw cigarette butts down. The 400 block of West Washington Street would be a good place to start. I spent the morning picking up cigarette butts from in front and back of my property. Also trash and even dog business, someone's dog did his business in front of my property. Hagerstonians seem to throw cigarette butts and revel in that after seeing the three comments in Mail Call the other day. I am for you, Mayor Bruchey."


"Thank you, I would like to know if there are any garbage pick ups between Boonsboro or around there, Keedysville and Sharpsburg other than BFI or Waste Management? Please respond in Mail Call."

"Concerning the shooting in Colorado, the area around here, various schools are receiving bomb threats and so forth, according to this there is no more good morals left in the school. They took away Christianity, Bibles and prayer out of the schools. Being brought up right in the homes with the right morals, then they need to be taught that in school also but they are not being allowed to enforce that. I think there is where we need to start. It is terrible that when you send your child to school and don't know if they are going to return home or not. I think it's time to wake up and see the youth of tomorrow."

"I wanted to comment on the person that called in about the mechanical baby bottle holder. There are several on the market. I think it is really sad that they are trying to replace a human being with a baby bottle holder. We need parents to respond to their children crying, you can hear my baby crying right now, in my arms. Even better than having a baby bottle holder, how about breast feeding our children?"

"To the gentleman who found the blue wallet in the basket at Martin's Food on Wesel Boulevard on April 10, may God bless you always."

"I would like to say thank you to a young teller at one of the banks in the city. I lost my Visa ATM card, and for two days I went through the proper channels but had no luck. So, this young lady, Ann Fahrney, at the window at the bank, straightened everything out for me after frantically for two days trying to go through the right channels. I wanted to thank Ann, because there are people out there that do their job correctly."

"I am calling about the caller who said that kids don't know right and wrong. Well if the parents took the time to teach the children right and wrong we wouldn't be having this problem."

"I am calling in concerning all these bomb threats. America needs to wake up and see the light, for the light of the world is Jesus and we need to teach our children these good morals to stand on. If we don't teach them, then how are they going to learn. The Christian talk and walk needs to be taught in the home and in the school."

"The Colorado thing can happen here, too. There are so many guns that are not being taken care of by the proper people. We need to look out for our children that are going to grow up. I have grandchildren that I dearly love and they are all boys. So I hope that someone takes heed to this warning and get all this Internet stuff away from these children. Put prayer back into the schools. Our kids have a lot of problems these days and they don't need to be around all of this stuff."

"I am calling in reference to the people who talk on the cell phones while they are driving. If they are talking, how can they pay attention to where they are driving? Cell phones are supposed to be used in case of an emergency, not to take to church. If you want to go to church to pray, then they should have enough respect to wait until you get home."

"I can't believe all the individuals in Washington County who believe that God had something to do with the shootings in Colorado. The woman complaining about not being able to pray in the schools like you used to, we are a democratic republic not a democracy and therefore the majority does not rule."

"I am calling to say that if the mayor of Hagerstown would worry more about busting crack houses then maybe he will amount to something while in office."

"I was calling about the person who complained about the police and fire monitors being in church. What would you do if that was your house on fire, would you be worried about it disturbing the church then?"

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