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Mail Call

April 26, 1999

"This terrible tragedy in Colorado, the world was to function according to God's plans and he created us to function best and to live a joyful, healthy life. When we do things God's way it only makes sense that when we go our own way we suffer painful consequences. God made this world and its creatures, if we move according to God's program we will discover the way to live in peace and harmony with God and other people and the world we live in. Homes and families will be different and children won't be out here crying out in pain, hurt and revenge. God help us all."

"I would like to speak my opinion about this school thing, it disturbs me. We have metal detectors in the court houses, police stations, why not put them in the schools? Why are judges, police officers, court officials more important than our kids? Kids are our future. Now you think about it."


"As a teacher, looking at a picture in The Daily Mail on Thursday, April 22, Page A3 of Joni Webb and her 5-year-old daughter in Littleton, Col. This is a classic picture and I think everyone should see it. This is what education is all about."

"Find out who the photographer was with the picture in Thursday, April 22, Page A3. It says Associated Press. Looks like a Pulitzer Prize winning picture. I wanted to be the first one to congratulate the guy. Make sure everyone sees it."

"Now that this tragedy has happened in Colorado, and it is devastating, the gun control people are yelling again to take everyone's guns away from them. While they are yelling, why don't they yell a little louder about the people who drink and drive. God knows that we have had a lot more lives snubbed out from DUI than people who kill with illegal guns. Solution, well we could take away their cars from them. Well, what I am trying to say is this, taking guns from responsible people because of a few irresponsible people is so stupid. One more thing, please. This tragedy in Colorado is not about the guns, bombs, knives. It is about the values that we put before our kids to grow up with. Who is the president of this country? The man, we the American people, voted into office. He is a draft dodger, a liar, a cheater, this alone is enough to boggle the minds of our children. Please God, help us to wake up from our indifference."

"To the Board of Education, the electoral board. $8,000 to $10,000 for the trip to California seminar, number two seminar, $15,000 to the Wisp, about $25,000 out of taxpayers' money. This is what you call fluff. That money could have been spent on extra teachers for reading and so forth. You are paid by the board, why should the taxpayers have to pay twice? A taxpayer."

"Happy Secretaries week to: Mary Tuderbaugh, Fran Marshall, Karen Near, Dottie Miller, Linda Kann, Beth Kendricks, unit secretaries at the Family Birthing Center at Washington County Hospital."

"This is a message to all parents in Washington County, we can help our county where we live, just think about it. You are not allowed to discipline your child in school anymore. Remember out on Eastern Boulevard, they removed the brick-shaped crosses. That was a terrible thing, it had to be removed. They took prayer out of the schools and look what we have today, bloodshed. You buy your dear little Johnny or Susie a computer and they get on the Internet and they see bombs. Parents better beware and come back to the basics. Correct the child and put the prayer back in school."

"Happy Secretaries week to Nancy Anderson, Valley Review Magazine. We think she is a top- notch salesperson. Nancy, you are very much appreciated."

"Does the Board of Education have a hotline for the children or parents to call to report drug dealing, gang activities, physical threats, stealing from other children, extortion attempts, or other criminal activities in school? If not, why don't they set up such a hotline?"

"I wonder if there is a difference to a person who is killed by a 500-pound bomb dropped by a F-16 fighter jet, or by a pipe bomb dropped by a morally challenged high school child?"

"I would like for it to be mandatory reading for the County Commissioners to read Mail Call. Let them get in touch with reality and know what the people want, because Mail Call tells it like it is."

"I wanted to say that I really liked Mayor Bruchey until the telephone escapade. And I voted for him, but you know that is too bad about that. He is talking about arresting people for throwing their cigarette butts down."

"I read where the mayor is calling for a crackdown on crimes of all kinds, like if you throw a cigarette butt out of your car, you will be arrested. I just have to ask a question, where does hiding mayoral expenses fall into the category of crime? The taxpayers pay for that cell phone, Mr. Mayor, and you can't hide the expenses connected with it. I would be happy to defend you when you are arrested."

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