Mail Call

April 22, 1999

"I wanted to let you know that I would much rather have cigarettes than guns that kill innocent young children."

"I want to thank the state roads department for the catastrophe on Virginia Avenue for a simple patch job to a six-month catastrophe."

"From a taxpayer's point of view. It's amazing how we are taxed. I was just at the pharmacy and purchased a $2.49 item. I had a store coupon that brought that item down to 99 cents. When my total came up I was charged $1.12. I replied, tax on 99 cents is $1.04. The cashier replied 'no, we tax the $2.49 before we take the coupon off.'"

"I am the area captain with TOPS Weight loss Program. Someone wanted information about the program or a local number. I would be glad to give any information I can. My number is 301-665-1070."


"I would like the City of Hagerstown to seriously reconsider its options on the new insurance coverage for the city of Hagerstown employees. The Board of Education went with them and didn't like them and returned to Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Plus it will cost us employees more out of pocket money and we are not going to get as good of service. So I hope you please reconsider a new insurance company for coverage."

"I just read in the paper about the cars parked on the red line. I have something to say about this. In the first block of North Mulberry Street there is an habitual offender of this. Every night there are trucks backing in and out and you have to go and hunt the individual who owns the car. It seems to me that the police have enough time to travel Mulberry Street on occasion to give these people a ticket. I understand that there is a law where after 48 hours the car should be towed. They don't tow them, they don't warn them, they don't do anything."

"I have dentures. I still have seven of my natural teeth. When I go to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned, I must pay the same amount that a person pays when they go in their with a full set of 32 natural teeth. I don't think that it's fair. I'm paying too much!"

"A big thank you to The Herald-Mail Co.'s attorney Mary R. Craig. She protested the administrative closed door hearing held in the whistle-blowing case. I have been through an administrative hearing, even to the extent that the administrative judge allowed testimony by phone. When the transcript was received, the testimony given was blank. Strong objections by my attorney were ignored by the administrative judge. Citizens need to know what happens behind closed door hearings. Maryland statutes on administrative hearings need to be changed to open hearings. The Herald-Mail should lead the way."

"The Municipal Stadium is not 68 years old. That stadium burned. All the bleachers and the stands behind home plate have been replaced. They are all new as well as the clubhouse."

"Required readings, Tim Rowland column, Monday, April 19, Head of the Class, Tim."

"Happy 16th Birthday to my granddaughters Jennifer and Jessica. Congratulations on getting your driver's license. I am very proud of you and love you very much, Grandma Vicky."

"I was attempting to find a job as a city or county police officer until I learned the disgraceful price that these guys get paid every year to do their job. County sheriff makes $23, 808 dollars and a city police officer makes $24,000 at the most starting out. This is ridiculous. These guys are trusted with guns, people's lives and the responsibility to protect us, and they make no more than someone opening mail or pumping gas. This county is really messed up."

"I am very impressed with the students at North Hagerstown High School. Their protest on getting rid of a teacher, it's a good way to do it."

"I am reading in the paper about the closing of Resh Road landfill. Can someone please tell why it cost the county $12 million to close the landfill. What in heavens name do they have to do besides close the gates and say it's closed?"

"I am calling in response to the person inquiring why the post office stays open later for customers to mail their tax returns. They do this as courtesy to the customers. The post office is self-sufficient and does not receive any money from the taxpayers. All the postal service revenue is generated from stamps and other services."

"I am calling about the high schools, they are asking 24-hour notice in advance for homework. How does a person know when they are going to be out of school? I tried to get my daughter's homework and I got none, because it wasn't 24-hour notice. I think this should be done away with."

"This is in regards to the article in Mail Call about the police department letting the No Parking signs up, get your story straight before you put anything in the paper. For your information the gas company put them up to put in new gas lines. Next time ask questions before you call in."

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