Mail Call

April 21, 1999

"I would like to congratulate the South Hagerstown High School jazz band on their successful trip to New York on April 17 and 18. Also, congratulations to the Williamsport jazz band."

"State law prohibits anyone from riding a bike on the sidewalk in Williamsport. For everyone's safety, please do not ride a bicycle or anything else with wheels on the sidewalk. According to this you can't take a baby in a stroller, or a disabled person with wheels on a motorized chair."

"This is directed to all parents of Western Heights Middle School students. How about telling your children to keep their candy wrappers and soda cans to themselves instead of littering on their way home from school. Some of us care about our residences."

"Two shootings in Hagerstown. That is just terrible. What are the police doing? They are riding around to the stores trying to catch people selling cigarettes to minors. What is more important, these people getting shot or these brats getting cigarettes? But believe me they will get them no matter what so quit picking on these people working in the stores."


"Only in Hagerstown can people compare Little League and Pony League to minor league baseball. But I guess it's no surprise because they compare fast-food restaurants to real restaurants. No wonder we're still living in the 16th century."

"I did call SPCA about the dogs running loose from Clevelandtowne Road down to Appletowne without a leash on. The one dog is named Bear and the other little one just dumps in my yard whenever he feels like it. The SPCA told me all I have to do is get their box number and send it to them and they will be fined $50 if the dogs are found off the leash and roaming around. So get this message before this has to happen."

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you are reading Mail Call you may have finally seen it all. People who are admitting that they don't want to pay taxes if they don't have children in the public school system, because they continue to bear the part of an education cost. Maybe we shouldn't have public education at all, if the public is not willing to pay for it. I think it is rather foolish for those people who are considering our future in the public school system, that they don't want to pay for that future."

"I am a resident of Frederick Street and I was just wondering about all the talk around town about the new stadium. I think we need to concentrate on the problem we have with the parking with the residents on Frederick Street. I was wondering if anyone knows who owns the old Super Shoe building? We need to get in contact with them to see about renting the spaces or something from them. Instead of all the talk about the new stadium, maybe the city and county could do something with that building to solve the parking problem on Frederick Street. I would like some feedback on this issue so we can get this resolved."

"I found a letter on Washington Street on the sidewalk. It has 'Rosalyn, please sign and return, Thanks, Gary.' I live at 11 S. Walnut St. and my number is 301-745-5447. Whoever owns it would you please call me? I have it here for you."

"I would like to notify the guy who has been driving around here for a couple of weeks that he has a baby doll's head tied to his bumper. I was wondering if he knew if it was there?"

"I just want to say, way to go Tim, I liked your article in Monday night's paper."

"When did the city of Hagerstown install a dump in the 300 block of South Burhans Boulevard? If the politicians and the department heads would straighten up and fly right, Tim Rowland would go out of business."

"Every time I go by Paramount School it is lit up like a lighthouse, like it was around 9 p.m. Saturday night. When we came by later that night around 11 p.m. it was lit up like all the other county schools. Why is this school always lit up? Maybe if they kept it reasonably lit like all the rest of the schools instead of like a lighthouse, the School Board could save money on the electric bill and help fund the budget."

"Wouldn't it be nice if the local TV station would acknowledge Hancock when it salutes all the area towns."

"This is to the Mail Caller on Monday, about the refugees in Kosovo and why don't they pull out their guns and defend them- selves. Well it's because their government is a government that our government is trying to be now. Their government has disarmed them and taken away their weapons. They are not allowed to have guns. Their government has gun laws that restrict anyone from owning weapons in Kosovo. Sounds familiar doesn't it? We have to watch out and remember politicians prefer unarmed peasants."

"Would someone please put the phone number and address back in the paper so I can stop these telemarketers from calling me? They drive me crazy. They wake me up and they keep hanging up on me."

"I want to thank the individual who turned in the emerald and diamond tennis bracelet to the library last Friday night. I really, really appreciate it. You have restored my faith in humanity."

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