School Board targets disciplinary rules

April 21, 1999

Board eyes policy change

Principals will have one place to turn for discipline procedures if the Washington County Board of Education approves a policy change presented Tuesday.

Guidance Supervisor Joe Millward presented a proposal to revise the school system's disciplinary procedures. Drafted by committee, the proposal consolidates procedures and policy, Millward said.

It restructures the wording and ranks offenses in order of seriousness. The offenses are listed in categories with a list of possible consequences.


If the proposal is passed, principals will not have to rummage around in a pile of documents to decide on an appropriate reaction to student misbehavior, according to Millward. The School Board is expected to take a final vote on the proposal May 4.

Policy change would affect public hearing speakers

Speakers at School Board public hearings may be asked to provide nine written copies of their testimony.

The Washington County Board of Education is considering a policy change that would raise the number of requested copies from six to nine.

Executive Director of Support Services William McKinley said the extra copies will accommodate the increase in the number of School Board members.

- Bruce Hamilton

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