Mail Call

April 20, 1999

"Can anyone explain to me why the post office has to stay open longer for people to put in their tax returns, when they have a whole year? Who pays for this extra money for these employees to stay there? I would be anxious to know this."

"What is it with these people who park on the red lines all night long? Why can't they park two or three blocks away like everyone else on our block? What if the fire truck would want to get to a fire hydrant? They wouldn't be able to because a vehicle would be parked on the red line. What happened to all the meter maids that the police department has walking around? Are they not doing their job? I never see one walk down my street. They always want to give tickets to people double-parked or on the red line just to unload groceries, but they won't give them to the people who park there all night long. So much for our law enforcement."


"We understand that City Hall employees are going to have to pay for parking. All other employees at other buildings have designated lots for free parking. We would like to know why the City Hall employees are being discriminated against? We also understand that this discussion was made behind closed doors, by people who have free parking in the basement."

"To Mr. Edwin Hayes, president of the Board of Education, check before you criticize the new County Commissioners. Four are products of the Washington County school system. One is a retired worker of the Board of Education. I think they are well educated to do their job. So check your facts. A taxpayer."

"I am employed with the City of Hagerstown. I understand that the City employees are going to have to pay for parking if you work for City Hall. All other city buildings have parking provided free for the employees. To me I think this is discrimination. Does the city actually think that this handful of employees is going to balance the budget for them? I don't think so."

"This is in memory of my son, Jack, who was killed on April 17, 1970. His birthday would have been on April 5. We all love you, Jack, and miss you every day. Love, Mom and family."

"On the subject of our National Guards, why doesn't Hagerstown's National Guard Reserves out on Roxbury Road ever go anywhere?"

"I think that the Motor Vehicle Administration should move back to Hagerstown to a safer and more accessible location."

"This is to all the patriotic Americans. The time has come to take up arms and stop the Communists."

"Is it now legal for the police to use cameras at intersections to enforce the people who run the red lights?"

"This is Friday, April 16, and I was reading in the paper where it says after the mishap, that the city is beginning safety studies of Preston Road. Why does it take a child to get hurt or a serious accident before people get involved in making these roads safe? I live outside of Clear Spring and this road is very dangerous. I have called and reported the speeders, and everything, and no one seems to do anything. So why does it take a serious accident to get somebody to react?"

"I am the original fan who called in about the Orioles being on the front page of the sports sections. I am 13 years old and I am sorry for sharing my opinion."

"The articles that give a date, some of these reporters say 'on Thursday, this accident happened,' The proper grammatical wording should be 'The accident happened Thursday.' We want to put these papers in the schools but not until these reporters correct their reporting."

"A special thanks for our fire department, for their prompt action to my request to have my smoke detectors checked. Unaware of this service and being a widow lady, I found it very comforting to be serviced by such polite and courteous firemen. I was told if 'any problems to give them a call.' Taxpayers money at work, with no charge to the customers. Thanks very much."

"For the traffic on Crystal Falls Drive, the police could really write a mess of tickets if they came out here in the morning when people are going to work or in the evening when they are coming back, well practically the whole daggone day. People racing through here like they are crazy, if they can't drive, I wish they would get on a wider road."

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