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April 15, 1999|By KATE COLEMAN

As part of The Herald-Mail's countdown to the year 2000, we asked readers to look back and tell us their favorite childhood toys.

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Responses included playthings old and new, from the simplest string-through-a-button pull toy to the high-tech video game Nintendo.

Do you remember the smell of Play-Doh?

Who can forget pressing Silly Putty on the Sunday funny papers?

How many of you spent hours with crayons and coloring books - playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians?

Our invitation evoked readers' memories:

* Emma Webster of Hagerstown recalled a red-and-white overstuffed horse that she loved. The stuffing was coming out, and her father threw it on a brush fire. When he wasn't looking, the 5-year-old owner dragged the burning toy out of the fire and tried to hide it under the porch of her family's house. Webster's father saved the house from burning and gave his daughter a spanking - the only one she ever got, Webster, 52, said. She called on her late father's birthday.


* Pam Maus, 33, said she's an "All-American" girl because Barbies were her favorite. Her Hagerstown family couldn't afford all the expensive accessories, she says. Her mom made a house from a big box, and Barbie's car was a shoebox on a string.

* Steve Bender of Mercersburg, Pa., has a Mattel Fanner 50 gun from the '60s. He said that the realistic gun given to him by his grandfather still works, but the gun belt no longer fits around his waist.

* "Winky Dink and me, Winky Dink and you ..." was the song on the Winky Dink television show in the '50s, Warfordsburg, Pa., resident Jeanne L. Ward recalled.

The Winky Dink set had special crayons, a special screen that clung to the TV set and patterns to trace.

"You could draw along with Winky Dink right on the screen," Ward e-mailed.

Here's our list. We didn't get quite 100 reader responses, so Herald-Mail staffers helped us out.

-- List of favorite toys

THANKS! We would like to thank the readers who submitted their favorite toys:

  • Emma Webster
  • Pam Maus
  • Jeanne L. Ward
  • Helen Willis
  • Steve Bender
  • Phyllis Lopez
  • Dorene Kershner
  • Andrea Huff
  • William Taylor
  • Scott Warner
  • Becky Higman
  • Residents of Ravenwood Nursing Care Center:
  • Lucille Fiery
  • Joan King
  • Frances Routzahn
  • Wilson Snyder
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