Mail Call

April 14, 1999

"Why are automobiles allowed to be parked for hours and hours on the red lines, and at street, alley corners, and also at fire hydrants? The city of Hagerstown has a law on this. Where are the police that they don't see these illegally parked cars? This has always been a problem on North Mulberry Street."

"I give an applause to what the United States is doing in Yugoslavia, but if this powerful nation wants to send a message about ethnic cleansing and hate, how about starting with our own country? The United States government has been aware of these hate groups concealed in the mountains of this country for a long time, and has stood by and done nothing to break up these hate groups. Some of these so- called groups are better outfitted than the U.S. Army. Tanks, rocket launchers, M-16 assault rifles with automatic fire, just to name a few. So let's not travel halfway around to fight another country's war, when we have our own right here. So let's stop it right now because, a flower cannot grow with a bad root."


"Mr. Blenckstone wants a new stadium, well he's going to leave. Exactly what is it that taxpayers get, a rate increase, a fee increase, one garbage pick up a week, no recycling pickup? I lost count of all the things that we are getting cut, while our property taxes or our fees go up. Mr. Blenckstone wants a new stadium, I say good riddence to him if he leaves town. He has nearly torn this community assunder, with this whining, greedy demands that someone else build him a stadium. If he had a viable concern there, he would make enough money to be able to build his own stadium without putting it on the taxpayers' back."

"I am a 41-year-old male, who vividly remembers being a 12 year old sixth-grader and historically a C student, blossoming into a straight A student. Not because I was injected with smart serum, but due in a large part to my learning to play a musical instrument. I was not lucky enough to go to a public school that offered band class. I went to a private Catholic school. My parents paid for lessons, this still was the most important thing that happened to me and my education at that point. The sudden need to practice, practice, practice, caused me to do the same with my studies. I was no longer a lazy student. I direct this to learning a musical instrument. I later learned to play another, and my life's work is an extension, since my music is my livelihood, not making it but playing it for the radio listeners. I thank God every day for music. My life would have been very different without it. Don't take it away from the kids of Washington County. It would be a foolhardy decision."

"I'm calling about the person downtown who works downtown and thinks that they should be given free spaces to park. I agree. With all the business downtown you can park in the same space."

"I just wanted to call in and ask why don't you print the crossword puzzle a little bigger? I can't even read what I am supposed to read to work the puzzle. Sometimes it's not even printed plain. It's too small."

"This is the fellow who likes Pat Buchanan so much. One thing about Pat is that you can believe that he is honest, he doesn't have a history of chasing women, or a history of taking campaign money from Communist China."

"To the driver who was speeding through the Food Lion on Pennsylvania Avenue. It is very rude to go speeding through a parking lot when people who are elderly have to take their time coming out of the store. Plus there are children coming out of there, too. You need to know manners. It was wrong of you to get nasty with me. I know a lot of people that would give you a ticket for what you have done. If I were you, I would be careful the next time you go speeding through a parking lot."

"This is concerning Franklin Street, where repairs are being made and taxpayers money is being wasted. Whoever is doing the work on the streets, they sure aren't doing a very good job. It puts you in mind of being in the mountains of West Virginia somewhere. It is some kind of poor patching, and our tax dollars are paying for it. It's one terrible mess."

"Yea, I don't believe Del. Sue Hecht represents her constituents, esepecially on that partial birth abortion vote in Annapolis last week."

"I would like to offer a special thanks to the Reese family on Howell Road for the finding, safe keeping and return of my little pet dog. I would also like to thank The Daily Mail for running the Pet Watch item that led to her return. Thank you very much."

"In answer to the caller who said, why are they taxing cigarettes and not liquor? In my opinion the reason is because the politicians drink more than they smoke."

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