First Maryland changes name

April 14, 1999

BALTIMORE - First National Bank of Maryland, Dauphin Deposit Bank, Farmers Bank and Valleybank all will be known as Allfirst as of June 28, the head of their parent company announced at a press conference in Baltimore on Thursday.

Over the past year, First Maryland Bancorp has worked to consolidate its multiple bank systems and operations into a single entity, Chief Executive Officer Frank Bramble is quoted as saying in a transcript.

The name change is the final step, Bramble said.

"Our new name better reflects who we are and who our customers and employees want us to be - a single, unified financial institution," he said.

The new name will apply to First Maryland Bancorp's seven banking divisions, which also include The York Bank, Bank of Pennsylvania and First Omni Bank, and other financial businesses, said First Maryland Bancorp spokesman Steve Weitzman.


The name change won't affect customers' accounts or services, Weitzman said.

First National Bank of Maryland has branches in Washington and Frederick counties, and Dauphin Deposit Bank, Farmers Bank and Valleybank have branches in Franklin County, Pa., he said.

Customers with questions about the name change can call the Allfirst AnswerLine at 800-881-6290.

- Kerry Lynn Fraley

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