Tests reveal no water pollution from tire fire

April 13, 1999|By DON AINES

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - A tire fire last Thursday in Montgomery Township, Pa., did not pollute a nearby stream, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

"We just got our results back today and there wasn't anything in the runoff that would have affected the stream," spokeswoman Sandy Roderick said Tuesday.

The fire last week at 4886 Rice Hollow Road involved several hundred of an estimated 2,000 discarded tires on property owned by Jon Jackson and his sons Jerry and Richard. It took about 10 hours for firefighters from three counties to put out the fire.

"We don't have results on soil contamination," Roderick said. That would have to be done after the tires are removed.

Roderick said storing tires does not usually result in soil pollution, although the fire could have caused petroleum-based chemicals to leach into the soil.


Still under consideration are possible enforcement actions against the property owners. A department official said last week the pile of tires, shingles and other debris was an illegal dump site.

Roderick said enforcement actions could include a notice of violation, in which the owners of a property are cited for violating the state's Solid Waste Management Act. That could result in an order for the owners to remove the materials, or present a plan to remedy the situation.

Other actions include a consent agreement where the owners acknowledge a violation, or a cease and desist order, giving them a set period of time to clean up the site, she said.

The department could make a decision on what action to take by the end of the week, according to Roderick.

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