Keedysville getting bigger tax rebate


KEEDYSVILLE - Keedysville will receive a property tax rebate from Washington County of $3,117, an increase of 8.23 percent from the $2,880 the town received last year.

The Washington County Commissioners discussed the allocation with Keedysville council members during a meeting Thursday.

The tax rebate partially reimburses municipalities for police, parks and road services they provide.

The rebate also is based on the town's population of 464.

Keedysville received a rebate because it has two parks, according to Rodney Shoop, county administrator.

The town has used the money in the past to pay for police protection.

Each year the municipality uses the rebate money and budgets matching funds to pay for a deputy from the Washington County Sheriff's Department to patrol their town.

Mayor Lee Brandenberg said the town appreciates the tax rebate but can not afford to match the $3,117.

He said other town expenses have arisen, forcing Keedysville to tighten its belt.


"We'd like to keep the program going but I don't know if we can," he said.

Shoop suggested to Brandenberg that the town pursue recycling and reduce garbage collection to once a week to save money.

Brandenberg said both ideas don't appear feasible for the town.

The mayor also questioned whether the town was getting its money's worth with the sheriff's deputy program.

"I don't think we are getting that much service," he said.

Keedysville shares the expense for the sheriff's deputy with the town of Sharpsburg.

Sharpsburg received $4,427 from the county for the tax rebate based on its 659 residents. They also put up their rebate and an equal amount of their own funds to pay for the police protection, said Shoop.

Shoop said they will have to meet with town officials to discuss the matter further.

He would not say whether Sharpsburg's costs will rise if Keedysville drops the program.

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