Mail Call

April 07, 1999

"In reference to the City Council and comments about the budget in The Herald-Mail on Sunday. Instead of raising user fees, stop putting taxpayers' money into the ice rink. Why not open budget hearings to the public and hear from everyone? It is our money you are spending. It reminds us of the loss taxpayers took on the recent sale of the Delta Hosiery Building. This is poor management."

"This town is more concerned about saving historical property, which will need a lot of inspection and so on. A stadium that may or may not be needed is OK if the owners can back it with their own money and donations by persons wanting it so bad. This town should do first things first, like buying or renting the street sweepers to clean the streets of all the liter, trash, bottles and cigarette butts and etc. Where are the litter signs? $200 fine for littering. Let's be proud of our Hagerstown, but clean it up first. Mr. McClure tried, but all efforts failed. Thanks Mail Call, you're doing a beautiful job."


"Congratulations to Principal Deidre Shumaker, Dawn Renner, president of the PTA and anniversary committee for the nice program of the 30th anniversary of the E. Russell Hicks Middle School. The band goes under direction of Robert Hovermale and the chorus under the direction Mrs. J. Nichole Swartwood were excellent. Thanks very much. We love Mail Call."

"I was in church on Sunday when I heard a cell phone ring. It disturbed a lot of people, with her getting out of the seat and falling over or stepping on their feet. If she had such an important call, she should have stayed home. It's like you say, you go to church to learn how to live through God, not be tied to a cell phone."

"People who enjoy Easter and Christmas, well they permit bombing overseas by a coward who should be exchanged for the three soldiers that we have over there being held prisoners. Furthermore, a confirmed belief is that NATO is nothing more than selling protection the way that the racketeers did back in the days of prohibition. That's all the're doing. Yugoslavia didn't join, so they are selling protection."

"I would like to see one of the TV newscasters or reporters at the press conference of the president ask him how he feels about sending young men and women into battle when he was a draft dodger. I would like to know how he feels to have the authority to do that, this is unbelievable. Here we have a draft dodger sending men and women into harm's way. I tell you this country, where it's going, nobody knows, but it's not going the right way."

"Concerning the veterans wall at Marty Snook Park, this past week the Ladies Auxiliary of Amvets Post 10 donated $200 toward this construction of this wall. The Ladies Auxiliary of Amvets Post 10 would like to ask all the other auxiliaries from the different veterans organizations in the county to match this."

"I met a girl in Smithsburg and her name is Adrienne. I wanted to tell her she is the most beautiful girl I ever laid eyes on."

"This is to the lady with the pony tail who made her way up the sidewalk on Brookline Avenue early Monday around 5 a.m. She stole pansies and two bird houses. They belonged to a retired couple. They were from their granddaughter. They enjoy things like that. After all, we do have your tag number. I think it was a very disgraceful thing you have done. Shame on you!"

"I want to voice my opinion on this war. I don't think we should be over there for one. Clinton lied and said we didn't send any ground troops over there and we already sent over 8,000 troops. I wanted to know everybody else's opinion on this war."

"I wanted to state my opinion of the United States being over in this war. They are sending food and aid over to Kosovo for the refugees. We have people in the United States that are starving, too, but what is Clinton doing for these people? Nothing. You have a president in the White House now that wouldn't fight for his country dodging the draft. Now he's sending troops over to fight this war. I don't agree with that. Another thing about this war, why are we over there? If the president over there doesn't care about his people, why should we care? It's not our war, it's gonna be a drawn-out battle like Vietnam."

"In regards to the person who said they had a brother who went to the Noyes Center and bootcamp and to the person who responded about God has a way to handle each individual. No, that's very wrong. God doesn't make that kind of decision, the government does."

"We hope that The Herald-Mail puts in their Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down column a Thumbs Down to them for tearing down the historical house near Citicorp. We are so disgusted. Everyone I talk to is disgusted about it. How dare they. They are destroying our history."

"I agree with Mrs. Higgins in the Sunday paper in tearing down the Kammerer house. We are not going to have any history left in Hagerstown by the time they're done. Wake up!"

"I wanted to wish the best of luck to the Hagerstown Suns. The South Atlantic League's 1999 season gets under way Thursday night. Best of luck and make it one for the record books and make us proud."

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