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What is lemon curd?

April 07, 1999

Earlier this week, Irma Mowry of Hagerstown called Lifestyle to ask about an ingredient that was part of a Desperation Dinners recipe.

She wanted to know about lemon curd, one of the ingredients in Valentine's Day cake, a recipe we ran Wednesday, Feb. 10. Like many of Alicia Ross' and Beverly Mills' creations, it's simple, easy and sounds delicious.

[cont. from lifestyle]

Lemon curd was unfamiliar to us, too, so we asked the writers' syndicate.

They had to look it up. But we finally have gotten to the bottom - or the top - of this mystery ingredient that Ross and Mills say is found in most supermarkets with jellies and jams or with imported foods.

Ben Tamlyn of United Features Syndicate sent the following definition:

"Lemon curd:

A creamy mixture made from juice (usually lemon, lime or orange), sugar, butter and egg yolks. The ingredients are cooked together until the mixture becomes quite thick. When cool, the lemon (or lime or orange) curd becomes thick enough to spread and is used as a topping for breads and other baked goods. Various flavors of curd are available commercially in gourmet markets and some supermarkets."

- Kate Coleman, Staff Writer


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