Mail Call

April 01, 1999

"About the school buses, nobody said anything about taking them home and cleaning them. The thing is, taking them shopping, and taking them here and there to visit. Also, taking the long way around to put more time in. There could be a big story written on the bus drivers, but it's not the bus drivers fault for the way they make their routes, it's the Board of Education's fault. The little bus that comes up Md. 65 every morning, goes across Md. 68 and picks up no students, then hits Interstate 81. Goes up I-81 about 45 to 50 mph, which is all she can travel, clean to Marshall Street. What's the problem? Why can't she go straight up there instead of going over to Md. 68 and then to 81? Someone better get their cards straight."

"This is in response to the bus drivers taking their buses home and cleaning them. Nobody said anything about taking their buses home to clean them. If they would go home when they got finished their route, it would be a different story. I am a taxpayer, too. If they would just sweep their buses out each day, they wouldn't have such a problem getting ready for inspection. They have a choice to clean their buses at the board. They have all the furnishments. These drivers get paid good money to get these buses ready for inspection. No one would pick on these drivers at all if they would just do what they are told."


"I think the taxpayers of Washington County should take over the financial responsibilities for the Kammerer House. Also, the Karmmer farm should be returned to its original condition. This would get all the tourists off Interstate 81 and help tourism in the county. This would mean tearng down all of the Citicorp buildings and putting everybody out of work. Now, there's a good remedy."

"I want to let some people know how some people get judged unfairly. Some people keep committing crimes and getting off. Like my brother. He does one little thing wrong and he gets sent away to The Noyes Center for almost three months and then has to go to a boot camp for 6 months. I see all these other boys in Williamsport doing drugs, stealing, etc. All they get is a slap on the wrist. I can speak for my brother. He is truly sorry for what he did. These other boys aren't and they keep doing it because they think it's cool for the bad things they are doing. They keep getting off with a little probation period and a few community hours. I just wanted to let everyone know this."

"I just wanted to tell the lady last week that stopped me at County Market and gave me $50. I wanted to tell her again. Thank you, and God bless you."

"I wish I would have been reading Mail Call for the last two weeks. All these people have been picking on these bus drivers. They have a big responsibility hauling your little darlings around. They do a very good job. The dress code is none of your business. If you have ever sat in something as hot as that with no insulation on the roof, you are lucky if you wear anything. Just leave them alone. They are doing a very good job."

"The March Madness commercial just showed the impact of what March Madness has across the country. If you people aren't smart enough to understand that then I guess you shouldn't watch TV. You shouldn't comment on commercials that aren't really stupid."

"I just have to answer the person who called in and said Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer he has ever seen. Evidently he's never watched a lot of golf, because there is a lot of players that he has to go a long way to catch the records. Sounds to me like this person knows as much about golf as I do about being a rocket scientist."

"This is to the person who complained that people in Pennsylvania and West Virginia should have to have their cars tested for the emissions, too. What's wrong with this person? Just because we live in a communist state here in Maryland doesn't mean that everybody else should have to live under that same kind of rule. Just because we're fool enough to put up with the governor that believes this kind of stuff doesn't mean that those people have to. I tip my hat to those people in those states."

"There were two questions in the paper on Tuesday about The Maryland Theatre. I wish that the people would just call the theater at 301-790-2000 whenever they have a question. Tara or Pat there would be glad to answer your questions. I think Mail Call gives a negative tone to something that could be a very positive experience if the people that call in would just call the theater and deal with the very nice staff there."

"In answer to the two questions in Tuesday's paper regarding The Maryland Theatre. Why doesn't someone try calling The Maryland Theatre and get the answer direct?"

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