Conquering candy is no simple feat

March 30, 1999

Over the years, I've become pretty comfortable in the kitchen. As I became less intimidated by the stove, oven and microwave, I added various main and side dishes, breads, desserts - even pastries - to my repertoire, and I plan to keep expanding it.

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But I still haven't conquered candy.

During a recent class at Musselman High School in Bunker Hill, W.Va., I managed to make a hollow chocolate bunny - unfortunately, it was a little too hollow, with a hole at the back where the seam was supposed to be.

A seemingly simple endeavor of dipping a square piece of nougat in melted chocolate coating ended with a rumpled blob bearing an indentation of my thumb on one side and forefinger on the other - and most of the chocolate on my hands, not the nougat.

I assure you that Russell Stover won't be banging down my doors for the peanut butter cups I made either, simple as they were. They just weren't pretty.


But they all tasted good, as my husband will attest.

Of course that's just not good enough for me, a classic perfectionist.

So you can be sure throughout the rest of this year that I'll have my hands in many a vat of melted chocolate coating and assorted gooey centers. Not until I make creations worthy of heart-shaped boxes and dainty tins will I give up.

I hope my coating doesn't surpass its shelf life by then.

- By Meg H. Partington, Staff Writer

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