Mail Call

March 26, 1999

"I disagree with the person that thinks anyone using a cell phone while they're driving knows what they are doing. You can't talk on the phone and watch the road and other distractions around you. If you try to avoid an accident, you can't maneuver a car with one hand. And to the person who enjoys talking to the mayor on the cell phone, if you like it so much then you pay the mayor's bill. We taxpayers have enough to pay."

"People, it's time that you take responsibility for your own pets. You wouldn't put your 3-year-old child outside by themselves to be hit by an automobile or to be kidnapped. There was talk years ago that there is Satanic worshipers out there who steal pets for research. So please take responsibility for your pets and don't leave them out there by themselves. It will only bring yourself heartache and grief. Take responsibility."


"The Joint Veterans Council's wall at Marty Snook Park is under construction. At the county commissioners meeting Tuesday of this week, the veterans council begged the county for the money. The county has already done much. It is on public land in a public park which is funded by the county. The county has provided in-kind services in the form of some construction work. It is time for the Joint Veterans Council to raise some money. We would all be happy to support their fund-raisers."

"I have something I would like to say to the County Commissioners. You people have brought all these people here from other cities. Now we have more crime, and disrespect to the farmers. The farmers have to move out and give up their farms. What are you people going to eat? What are you going to put on the table? You think it's going to come from other states? You should read the paper. Quit being wrapped up in your own little world and take a big long look at what is going on. A lot of farmers are selling things. You better stop and think about what you are doing. Stop being so greedy."

"I support the West End neighborhood in fighting to stop the building of the stadium and business park near their homes. They bought their homes to be where there is peace and quiet and enjoy the wildlife in the field where this building would be placed. Don't we have enough buildings in Hagerstown as it is? Why crowd out the wildlife in the greed of money that the development would bring in? Who likes to see nothing but buildings everywhere you look? A few empty spaces is appreciated. We have very few left. Let the people enjoy their homes and their surroundings."

"I don't mind that my car is being tested for the emissions. I understand that it is to protect the environment. I have no problem with that. But when I sit behind a truck that has exhaust flowing out of it, I know it hasn't been tested because his truck is too old to pass the test. I understand that you're not testing these older ones because you know they're not going to pass. People wouldn't be able to afford it to fix them to pass. It's not right for the rest of us to have to have ours tested all the time. I know it's only $12 and it takes a little while for us to go out there and do it. I think it's a violation of our rights because some people are excluded because of the vehicle they own and that's not right. This isn't the big city. I don't think we need the emissions test."

"I would like to warn anyone who is planning to join an HMO and those who are already a member. Some of these HMOs will try to change your medication over the wishes of your doctor to a generic brand no matter how effectively your present medication works. If you are having a problem with an HMO please call the State Insurance Commissioners at 1-800-492-6116 and make a formal complaint as I am going to do."

"Someone called in about our crossing guards wearing their uniforms while they are not on duty. What about the correctional officers from the prison down on Roxbury Road? They do the same thing. They walk around town in their uniforms and act like they're cops or something. There should be a rule about that, too."

"It's a shame that the roads department, county or city. When a dead animal is in the road would you please remove it. I am an animal lover. It's rather sad to see something lying there dead. It's a nuisance to see a dead animal lying in the road. It's not good to keep seeing it lay there. What if it was a person?"

"I would like to add my 2 cents worth about the emissions testing. They say they are testing 2.4 million vehicles every other year at $12 a pop. That equals nearly $29 million. They claim they are removing 71 tons of pollution from the air a day. Then they allow big trucks, tractor-trailers and untested cars to drive into our state and they dump 71 tons of pollution back into the air. Why not test all vehicles nationwide? By the way, can anyone tell me what they do with that 71 tons of pollutions they remove from the air?"

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