Martinsburg woman plans cleanup day

March 25, 1999|By BRYN MICKLE

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - Tired of looking at the trash and debris that litters the streets around her home, a Martinsburg woman is taking the matter into her own hands.

After persuading her family last year to help her clean up a one-mile stretch of Needy Road that runs in front of her home, Joyce Miller has expanded her horizons in hopes concerned citizens will turn out this Saturday and help her fill 500 trash bags.

In the event of rain, the cleanup day will be held April 10.

In anticipation of Saturday's cleanup efforts, Miller handed out more than 100 fliers throughout her neighborhood to announce the event.

"It's just so disgusting. I hate all of that litter," Miller said.

Volunteers will roam the roads and banks along an area that stretches from W.Va. 45 through the Stone Bridge Country Club area over to W.Va. 9 near the Veterans Affairs Center. The area also includes Winebrenner's Road and Blairton, with Blairton residents planning their own cleanup effort for that day.


Miller considered bolstering her efforts with some inmate workers from Eastern Regional Jail, but balked at the idea when she learned she would be held responsible if any of the inmates ran off before they could be returned to jail.

Miller, who received the trash bags free from the West Virginia Division of Highways, said she would not be surprised if the volunteers fill all 500 bags.

"We've found tires, old televisions and hypodermic needles. You name it and we find it," she said.

While Miller holds no illusions that Saturday's cleanup will be a final solution to the litter problem, she hopes it will prompt people to take more pride in their neighborhoods.

"If we can get it cleaned up right now, maybe it won't be such a big project in the future," Miller said.

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