Mail Call

March 24, 1999

"I am calling in reference to getting rid of the market manager at City Market. I am against that. Sunday was a beautiful day there, anything you could imagine for Easter and spring was there. There were many vendors and you had the opportunity to meet the manager. Anyone that has ever used the market, you know you can't run it without a manager. It is just like any other store or factory, you can't run it without a manager. She does a beautiful job. I am totally disgusted. If you get rid of the manager, you will no longer have a City Market. You mark my words. Every vendor there is all for her. They think she is wonderful. She was responsible for that beautiful day on Sunday. Every space was filled, I never saw so many people."

"I would like to know why The Herald-Mail puts names and addresses of young ladies in the paper. A young friend of mine was in a wreck last week and now she received a letter from an inmate in prison. I understand that this is not the first time this happened. To other young ladies, I am not against their free mailing in prison, but I think it should be allowed to family members only. Herald-Mail, think about it the next time before you print a young lady's name and address in the newspaper. Thank you for your time."


"Our snow angels are Shirley and Bud Logue, who clean my driveway. Also for my sister, Ruth, and brother-in-law, Claire, who do so much for me. I want to include our mail people that bring my mail right to my front door and always promptly. Everything is appreciated. We have such thoughtful neighbors on West Oak Ridge Drive."

"This is to thank Mr. Jenkins on Church Street for being a snow angel and shoveling a path so I can get back to care for my dog. It is really appreciated and thank you."

"Shame on The Herald-Mail and the reporter that didn't return my call when I asked her if she wanted to do a story on the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina. It is so interesting and challenging. All the headlines are on murder, rape, robberies, domestic violence. Something is wrong when we can't tell a story about a lighthouse and that it is the tallest, most recognized lighthouse in America. It is 198 feet tall, built in 1870, they started to move the buildings around it already, and should move the lighthouse in May, isn't that beautiful? No good for the reporter who didn't return my call."

"I called about a job with the Census Bureau and they asked where I lived and I told them Clear Spring, Maryland, and they asked what county? I said Washington County. The girl said 'oh no, there is no such thing as Washington County in the state of Maryland.' So Washington County people, stand up and be counted, because the Census Bureau doesn't know that we have a Washington County in our state."

"This message is to all the people who are worried about the Teletubbies. I think being gay is great."

"Somebody has been stealing flowers from my wife's grave out at the Rest Haven Cemetery. Who-ever it is, I wish you would leave them on there. It is a memorial to my wife, who I loved very much. One of these days you are going to have to do the same thing when you get older. Furthermore, the man up above knows who is taking them. We all must be accountable for what we do down here on earth. So please leave the things on her grave."

"Yes, simple question, can anyone tell me why the park rangers in the state parks of Maryland carry guns and they don't in the federal parks. I think this is becoming an ever-increasing communist state."

"In light of the recent decision to let the president off the hook, because a majority of people wanted him to stay in office. Well the majority of people in Washington County want this emissions testing eliminated, let's get on with it."

"I would like to say happy birthday to my husband Don and our daughter, Carolyn, and our granddaughter, Diana. Happy birthday, Don, I love you."

"To the Mail Caller, concerning crossing guards and their uniforms. They do have to wear their uniforms while standing on the corner at their post. But to go out to the mall shopping with their complete uniform. I think this is outrageous. They go to the hospital and restaurants downtown. This is disgusting to see this. I know when I was a crossing guard, I never got away with this."

"I am employed with the Washington County Board of Education. I am a school bus driver. Why do people always call in and criticize us instead of saying what a good job we do?"

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