County to keep Sharpsburg's tax rebate

March 24, 1999|By JULIE E. GREENE

SHARPSBURG - Sharpsburg's tax rebate, which is $4,427 this fiscal year, will again be kept by Washington County to go toward the cost of having a deputy assigned to the area, officials said Tuesday night.

The Washington County Commissioners met with Sharpsburg officials on Tuesday night to discuss the town's tax rebate.

Municipalities get tax rebates from the county's general fund for some services the town provides that the county would otherwise.

Sharpsburg receives a rebate because it pays for maintenance of its park.

Sharpsburg and Keedysville usually return their tax rebates to the county to help pay for a Washington County Sheriff's Department deputy who is assigned to that area.

Sharpsburg Mayor George Kesler said the town will pay for Keedysville's share as well if Keedysville officials decide to no longer have a deputy.


Commissioners President Gregory I. Snook said he wasn't sure whether Sharpsburg would have to make up the difference since the county subsidizes the deputy. The town and county can determine that later, he said.

Keedysville officials are considering no longer returning their tax rebate for the deputy, said Assistant Mayor Matt Hull in a telephone interview after the Sharpsburg meeting.

"We haven't really decided yet what to do," Hull said.

Right now a resident living in Keedysville receives the same police protection as someone just outside town limits, yet the town pays extra for a deputy, Hull said.

While there is a deputy assigned to the area, the deputy has been busy elsewhere in recent months, Hull said. That may change now that there is a new deputy assigned to the area, he said.

Keedysville officials want to know if they receive extra police protection for contributing money toward the deputy's cost, otherwise they may no longer return the rebate, Hull said.

"We need answers is what we need. That's what we need more than anything," Hull said.

If Keedysville no longer paid for the deputy, the town would still get police protection and be patrolled, Snook said.

The commissioners are scheduled to meet with Keedysville officials about the town's tax rebate on April 8.

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