Mail Call for 3/18

March 19, 1999

"In regard to the article in the paper about smoking by the Board of Education. Why isn't smoking banned at all times in all schools? They say no drugs, well cigarettes have a drug in nicotene. At one school kids are smoking all the time, before and after school. Why don't they rope off the area at the tennis courts? School officials should patrol their school grounds, or let the police do it."

"I am a taxpayer and I am also a crossing guard. I know for a fact that you are not supposed to wear your uniform out in public when you're not working. There have been two of the older girls who have gotten away with it the whole time that I have worked and they still are. I don't think it's right. We were told all the time to not go out in public, but these two get away with it. "


"Good afternoon. As a Mail Call reader, I think it's great that you put in something when someone calls in to compliment and give a thank you to someone. It's nice for whom it's for and nice to see it in Mail Call. I would like to do the same for a sweet, caring lady who let us come in to our favorite place and get a Coke and play the jukebox. A bunch of us would sit and chat for hours. That was in the '50s and '60s, and that kept us out of trouble. Yes, we all gave you a fit sometimes, but she knew how to handle us, and believe me, she was there for any of us at any time to help if we needed it. To this day, Jeanne House of Williamsport, you are a shining star and a sweet caring lady. I as one of your regulars thank you for letting us take up the booths and letting us hang around. Thinking back, it was the good times. Thank you and God bless you, Jeanne, for your caring and kindness to all. Love you. Thank you, Mail Call from one of your '50s and '60s Williamsporters."

"Hello, Mail Call. I would like to apply for the job of proofreader for The Herald-Mail. Obviously, the job is vacant. On the front of Monday's paper there was a birthday for a young man who lives on North Church Street, I would like to see a fire truck find that address. Also, concerning the bank robbery on West Franklin, the article said that the suspect was seen running southbound from the bank toward Bryan Place. Well Bryan Place is west of the bank. If the police follow the robber south looking for Bryan Place, I hope they stop before they reach the Gulf of Mexico."

"This thing about, 'lead a horse to water and a vest has no sleeves,' that's incorrect. You can 'lead a horse to water, but a pencil has to be lead.'"

"I see that Mayor Bruchey feels that city residents should be reimbursed because the general fund is being used to subsidize the water and sewer for the county and the city residents aren't using that service. I feel the same way as a county resident who has my own well and septic service that I have to pay to maintain. I feel that I should get a rebate, too, when general fund money is being used for the Water and Sewer Department."

"The Mayor of Hagerstown says that Hagerstown deserves a tax rebate because the Washington County Commissioners are using money from the general fund to pay for the sewer debt. Well, I don't live in Hagerstown, but I'm not hooked up to the sewer either, maybe I deserve a rebate, Maybe Hagerstown should leave Washington County and they can pay for everything by themselves and won't have to worry about the rebate or the general fund. Hagerstown is in Washington County and like all the taxpayers in the county, you help pay for the things in the county. I don't like it, maybe they don't like it, but it's just too bad."

"In regard to Mayor Bruchey's article in Tuesday's paper about the city getting a refund, maybe I need a refund, too. I live in the county and hook up to water and sewer."

"I would like to comment on the recent bank robberies in Hagerstown. I wonder why our banks don't install metal detectors with an armed guard at the door to detour the robberies? This would ensure the safety of the tellers and the customers transacting their business. Additional cameras at various locations throughout the bank could be of help. Can anyone tell me why the banks aren't taking action to ensure our safety? I love Mail Call."

"I'm calling in regards to the person who said 'grapes and bananas comes in bunches and people come in groups' it was a fifth-grade student who called it in, not a teacher. Also, in regards to the library, Clear Spring really needs one."

"This is in response to everyone who is putting Katy Huffer down. I think she is a very sweet girl who runs a lot of nice articles for people. So please stop messing with her."

"To the city of Hagerstown, I think that speed bumps should be put on Washington Street and Washington Avenue, because of the two accidents in the past two or three weeks. I think the city should do this for the safety of all the children who attend Winter Street School and the adults as well."

"The Mayor and the City of Hagerstown are not being completely frank concerning the desire for an $840,000 sewer rebate from the county. The city of Hagerstown literally receives millions of dollars a year from county taxpayers in the form of water payments. In addition, the city of Hagerstown owns its own electric distribution system. Therefore, the city gets no property tax revenue from this. Be frank with the taxpayers, Mr. Mayor, and go elsewhere for your $840,000."

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