Mail Call for 3/17

March 17, 1999

Snow angels

Editor's note - During Sunday's snowstorm there were many random acts of kindness performed in the Hagerstown area and The Daily Mail would like to salute these people in Mail Call.

If you would like to thank someone for helping you, just call Mail Call and leave a recorded message about your snow angel.

Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"We would like to congratulate Jordan M. Corbett of Hagerstown for winning the spelling bee at his school, Grace Academy. We would also like to congratulate him on his fine performance in the Washington County finals. Even though you didn't win the spelling bee you are still a winner with us. Keep up the good work. We're proud of you and we love you. Thank you, Mail Call."


"I'm calling from Equipment Company Unlimited. I was calling about the message you had for somebody looking for lift chairs for the elderly. You can give us a call at 301-223-5660."

"This is an answer to Friday's MailCall item for the man who called in about parking in a handicap space because he didn't feel good. What if we all didn't feel good? Then the real and truly handicapped wouldn't have a place to park, would they? If you don't feel good, get your doctor to fix you up, make you feel better. Then park in a legitimate parking place instead of handicapped. Understand my catch-22."

"I agree with the person who called in about the smokers who sued the tobacco companies. It's true, nobody forced you to smoke, and you make your own choice. Why blame the company, they didn't force you to smoke?"

"There's a restaurant in Hagerstown that takes the daily half hour break off their workers' pay checks. I don't think it's fair. I've worked in a lot of restaurants in my days and nobody else I know does that. In other words, people that work out there eight hours a day get a half hour break which they should get free, but at the end of their pay period when they get their check they take a half hour every day off their pay. I wonder what you other people think about this? Write in if you agree or disagree."

"I'm looking for surviving classmates of the 1929 graduating class of Boonsboro High School from 70 years ago. There couldn't be many of us left since we only had 29 in the graduating class of 1929. Somebody may have had a picture taken. Maybe we could get together to reminisce. If interested, call 301-714-0959."

"Well, spring is coming and this great Bermuda grass is coming out and I wish that the people who like it so well would keep it in their own yards. If they like, it keep it, but everybody else does not like it. It's hard on the lawnmowers and spreads like wildfire."

"This is to the person who in the Halfway area is responsible for breaking my little girl's heart by smashing her very first snowman. What may have seemed to have been a harmless little prank to you was complete devastation to my 2 year old. She awoke with great excitement and ran to the window, only to see her snowman smashed. She cried for a great length of time, and I wanted you to know that the snowman was not the only thing you smashed that night."

"I don't think that the parents have a say about your girlfriend or boyfriend, because they aren't the ones dating them."

"I was reading in the paper here about the cable rates. If people would just stop and look at their TV sets and turn to cable channel 25 and count the channels we actually get, they would see we get 28 for that $24.50; 17 of them are selling stuff, news, ESPN, more news, seven of them are pay per view, and the channels that we do have, I've seen them so many times it's sickening. How many times do you have to show "Jaws?" You know, stuff like that. Please, come on. Go down there in Virginia, Fredricksburg, you get 78 channels, same price as we have and only one news channel and only one ESPN, and only one channel selling stuff."

"Washington County is the fourth most popular tourist destination in the state. Some $30 million more was spent here in 1997 than in 1994, 220 more jobs here that's capital JOBS and capital MONEY, am I the only one thinking that is partly due to our scenic farms and historic town, would it be worth trying to hang on to our fine old buildings instead of tearing them all down? How about this, County Commissioners, CHIEF, and developers."

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