City's rebate $856,511

March 17, 1999

The City of Hagerstown will receive a $856,511 rebate from Washington County for the current fiscal year, County Commissioners President Gregory I. Snook said Tuesday.

The rebate, also called a tax set-off, represents the amount of money the county did not have to spend on parks and police protection because the city provided those services.

The city's rebate is about 23 percent higher than it was last year, which is about the same percentage by which the total tax rebate for all nine municipalities in Washington County increased over last year.

Hagerstown's rebate was announced during a joint meeting Tuesday between the commissioners and City Council members.

There was no discussion at the meeting about a joint committee discussing possible changes to the tax set-off formula.

The committee was formed at the city's request, because city officials say the tax set-off formula should take into account additional city expenditures.


The current tax set-off formula only accounts for spending on police, parks and highways.

No municipalities received money for highway spending because highway improvements are not financed through the county's general fund, Snook said.

- Dan Kulin

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