Waynesboro starting festival

March 11, 1999|By RICHARD F. BELISLE, Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Greencastle, Pa., has its triennial Old Home Week, and now Waynesboro, emboldened by the success of its 1997 Bicentennial celebration, want wants to follow suit with WaynesboroFest.

Allie Kohler, coordinator of the two-month 1997 Bicentennial celebration, said 10 members of its planning committee have joined the 17-member committee planning WaynesboroFest.

The members will serve staggered six-year terms for continuity and meet monthly.

Donald McBride is president, Louis Kohler, Allie Kohler's brother, is vice president, and Allie Kohler is secretary.

The first WaynesboroFest will be held Sept. 15-24 in 2000.

"That's three years after our Bicentennial and won't interfere with Old Home Week in Greencastle," Kohler said.

With the exception of once in World War II, Greencastle has held its Old Home Week celebration every three years since around the turn of the century.

The last one was held last summer. Planning is already underway for the next one in the summer of 2001.


Because of the nature of both communities' celebrations, with their theme of bringing together current and former residents, many events at both festivals will be similar.

"A parade is a parade," Kohler said.

There will be local talent shows, concerts, exhibits, dances and a main parade among other events, Kohler said.

"This won't be a carbon copy of Old Home Week," he said. "We want to celebrate Waynesboro's history. But we have a whole lot of experience from working on the Bicentennial that we don't want to throw away."

Seed money for WaynesboroFest comes from money left over after Bicentennial bills were paid, Kohler said.

One of the first expenses will be $100 in prize money to the resident who comes up with the winning logo for WaynesboroFest.

The design must be drawn within an 8-inch circle in black and white, must include the words, "lst Triennial WaynesboroFest," the dates Sept. 15-24, 2000 and leave space for a number.

March 31 is the deadline for sending entries to WaynesboroFest, 607 S. Potomac St., Waynesboro, PA 17268.

For additional information call Allie Kohler at 717-762-7224.

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