Mail Call

March 05, 1999

"People and citizens of Hagerstown, Washington County: Why are you so dumb as to think all this money that they are putting out to redesign a second phase of South High - the first phase - do they think that we can't subtract? Do they think we can't add together? They're just doing this to see what money they can get from us. And another thing, about the ball stadium, we don't need it either. We didn't elect these officials to build a ball stadium. We elected them to take care of our needs and do what we want them to do."

"Please stock Greenbrier Lake with fish. It's our favorite place to fish."

"I read in Wednesday's paper, a lovely write-up about Dr. Moody. He has been my doctor and my husband's doctor for years on end. I'd like to say amen to everything he or she said in that little article. I think he is tops."


"To Mr. Myers, the gentleman who gave me the estimate or printout for a deck that is handicapped accessible: I lost your phone number. I'd still like to get together to get an estimate on a two-car garage with a breezeway. Hopefully, you still have my number so we can get this all squared away. Hope you can give me a call. Thank you, Miss Mack."

"Mandatory emissions testing is wrong, wrong, wrong. That law stinks. It should be repealed immediately."

"I'm calling in reference to people in the emissions testing. It is a total scam. My husband had an old Ford pickup truck. He had to go get the emissions test done, so he took it in, and it passed with flying colors. The funniest thing is, it didn't have a catalytic converter. It should not have even been legal. But they passed it and that's fine. I guess we'll run it another two years and see if they pass it then."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Mumma and the rest of the staff at Emma K. Doub Elementary School for a wonderful 'Read Across America' evening and celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday. What a spectacular bunch of people we have to deal with, teaching our students. I am so proud of them. Once again, hats off and thank you."

"I'm wondering if anybody knows where I can get the homemade hard candy like they make at Christmas time. I know it's off- season, but I'd really like to have some if anybody knows where we can get it."

"I'm so glad The Herald-Mail and staff have been recognized and rewarded for the fine work done in affording us an excellent newspaper. Congratulations to all."

"It's 9:29 Wednesday night. I, like a lot of Americans, wanted to see Monica Lewinsky and what she had to say. Why not? She's the person who put us through all that stuff for the last couple of years. But let me tell you, what President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky did, is no where near as disgusting as what Barbara Walters did. The woman is filth. ABC should be ashamed for airing such garbage at any time of day, and Barbara Walters should be thrown out of all journalism. She is a disgusting, loathsome human being."

"This is in response to the person who was looking for information on Jessie Bell's paintings. She is my grandmother, also. My phone number is 301-745-5129. I have extensive information about her and her paintings. If you are interested, you can call me after 5 p.m. in the evening. I'll be home."

"I would like for Senator Munson to get information to the media so the public would have more input, before introducing legislation as he did involving social workers, as he did on March 2."

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