Valley mall expansion to continue

March 03, 1999|By SCOTT BUTKI

Paul Prodonovich, Washington County director of permits and inspections, said he will cancel the stop-work order on the $43 million Valley Mall expansion this morning.

At about 10 a.m., he will send an official letter to the construction crews working on the expansion and they can resume work upon receipt, Prodonovich said Tuesday evening.

The mall owner has been told that if certain conditions are not met by March 31, he will issue another work order, he said.

Prodonovich issued the order last Wednesday after the mall owner submitted a request to subdivide the property, separating the plot for a new Hecht's store.


Subdividing the property would allow different owners to own separate plots but also would mean different building standards for what is built on that property.

Public Works Director Gary Rohrer said the county is waiting for Crown American to meet Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance deadlines. The ordinance requires developers to provide information showing adequate road, water, sewage and schools capacity before a project can be approved. The developer must contribute toward any needed improvement.

The subdivision request and the ordinance deadlines were the main reasons for the work order, Prodonovich said.

The order did not affect construction work on the expansion of the Bon-Ton department store.

Crown American officials did not return phone calls made Friday, Monday and Tuesday.

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