Letters to the Editor

March 02, 1999

To the editor:

Congratulations to the County Commissioners and the City Council. They have agreed on a plan to divide the sewage disposal treatment sensibly, by areas. This concept has been urged for a long time. At last there is a start on an agreement.

Congratulations to the School Board. Their decision to raise teachers' salaries is long overdue. Certainly the morale in the school system will improve. The public may recognize that teaching is not just a job, but a profession.

Both decisions are beneficial for the citizens, whether they live in the city or in the county. At last we may develop cooperation between local governments and the School Board.


Could it be that a new day is dawning?

Margaret K. Comstock


League board doesn't care about kids

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in response to the story on National Little League. I'm sure a lot of you will remember us from the ABC special. My husband was the one accused of child abuse, but was cleared of the accusations by the Department of Social Services.

Now, I have some things to say about the board of directors and how they try to get to the parents that they don't like by way of their children and how they use personal vendettas to hurt people.

Last February, my husband had an argument with a board member at his home. This argument had nothing to do with baseball nor did it happen at National. Baseball season had not even started yet. This person went back to the board and told his side of the story and that he wanted my husband banned from coming to National to watch our son play ball.

The president called us to tell us what he had said and that they were considering banning our son from playing at National because they knew his Dad would come watch him play. They did decide not to ban our son, but my husband was banned from coming anywhere near National Little League. We received a certified letter telling him he was not allowed at the ballfield, board of education parking lot, Potterfield Pool parking lot or Eastern Boulevard railroad tracks, all of which is city property. As hard as it was, he stayed away all year, so they would not take this out on our son, because they said if he came around, Jeremy could be banned. This was told to us by the president. He also stayed away so he would not hurt his chances of seeing our son play his last year of Little League this year.

This past October, I pushed to get this matter resolved before the start of the new season and they voted to uphold last year's decision.

I want everyone to know this was all over a personal matter. People on the board don't like my husband because he is a very vocal person. He has yelled at umpires and coaches in the past, but only if he believed a child was not being treated fairly.

My husband loves children, and anyone at National can tell you that. And the children love him. He was not even given a chance to defend himself at the meetings, which it states in the by-laws he has a right to do.

A criminal has a right to defend himself and also is given a second chance. My husband wasn't. He was allowed on the board of education parking lot to watch our son in the all-star games, but when he asked if he could come in with his three handicapped family members, he was told no.

I agree with everything Donnie Mertz said in the story on Friday. And I believe he was good for the league. There are people on this board who are out to push their weight around and boost their egos. And these people could care less about the children of National Little League. I want all the parents to know this new board consists of people who were appointed to the board by other board members, not us parents. And that's not right.

My family has been through so much with this matter and the ABC show and the person who's hurting the most is our son, but these people do not care.

Lisa McAfee


A good plan

To the editor:

School Board member Herb Hardin's proposal to assign each of the seven board members to be responsible for visiting all of the schools in one of the seven high school districts has merit.

I have been told there are certain elements at the central office of the Board of Education who are opposed to this visitation.

I feel Hardin's idea is long overdue. I also feel a proper time for board members to visit schools is during CAC and PTA meetings. I encourage the other six members of the elected board to think long and hard about Hardin's idea.

These visitations are just an extension of coffee and conversation held at Technology High School on Saturday mornings, in my opinion.

Meredith Fouche


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