Mail Call

February 26, 1999

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"Thanks to Bert Iseminger, John Schnebly and Rodney Shoop for being responsive to the concerns of their constituents and working with Lee Stine and the two historical societies to draw up a proposal to save Kammerer House. Now, I hope Citicorp will show its respect for the community and accept this plan in which everyone wins."

"As a decorated veteran, I really appreciate some of the veterans here in the county thinking enough of the veterans to build the memorials to them. I think it's very important. And for the individual in Wednesday's paper concerning houses and homes for the homeless, I believe Habitat for Humanity does that. So, I think he is off-key and all wet, also. If he needs homes built for the homeless, have him get in touch with Habitat for Humanity. As for the veterans' wall at Marty Snook Park, I think that's a very important project and my hat's off to those that are involved in this project and doing what they can do to get it done at minimal cost to the veterans. I think you're doing a good job and I'd like to see this in the paper."


"Let's lock Mike Tyson up and throw away the key, along with a lot of other high-paid sports figures. There are a few good ones, but most of them probably don't even have a high school diploma and are making more than we'll make in our entire life."

"Taxpayers don't need to be funding a stadium in Hagerstown whenever the city sells a building at a loss of $115,000. There's a recycling treatment plant sitting vacant across from the old stadium. Why don't they tear that down and build their stadium there and use the metal to build bleachers with."

"Another excellent letter to the editor concerning a $14,000,000 stadium and taxes. You are correct Mr. Reeder. Why not make it a cooperative? I am sure Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Bruchey would be in line to buy their shares. There is no justification for a new stadium. Let's see what magical idea CHIEF comes up with to put it to the taxpayers."

"Every time I read something about race relations, I could vomit, because I am white and it makes me sick to be part of a race who continually wreaks havoc on all other races. Remember the American Indians? One stigma after another was and still is attached to them to portray them as inferior to the white race. And the black race? Where do I start? How many stigmas have been laid on them by whites to portray them as inferior. In the news currently, we have Jasper, Texas. Abominable, unacceptable and horrifying. Locally, we had a Moose Club close because white men chose not to allow a black man to become a member. Again, stigma. Why can't all people just be happy and love each other as one race, the human race. As individuals we all have thoughts and our thoughts should be looked at and dealt with individually, not on a whole race basis, regardless of what race you are. I don't understand why everyone can't see this."

"To the ranger at Greenbrier: years go by and I still can't shake this crush."

"Does anyone have any information on the South High Class of 1979? If there is going to be a 20th reunion this year, please call me at 301-733-6233."

"I want to know if there is a lawyer out there who will take my case. I want to sue those two TV channels that have psychic readings and psychic talk. Every time they come on I get deathly sick to my stomach and I go into convulsions."

"Hey, over there in Williamsport, how come the only news coverage on your upcoming election is what has been in Mail Call? Is there a reason for this?"

"To non-Gordon fans, you can be thankful his motor blew Sunday, or there would have been another one for Jeff Gordon. I can hear all the crying now, had he won. His motor may blow again, but your driver probably can't even win when Jeff is out of the race. Go, Jeff, go."

"I'm reading a headline on a page of the Washington Post that says, 'Supreme Court curbs First Amendment rights of illegal immigrants. The question I have is, how can an illegal immigrant have a First Amendment right to start with? They don't even belong here. They are not citizens."

"Hello, Mail Call. I just wrote a letter and I was going to mail it and I had these stamps in front of me and it doesn't say on the stamps anymore how much they are worth. So, I don't know if it's the 33-cent stamp I have or if it's the 32-cent stamp. What I want to know is how come they are not putting on the stamp how much they're worth? It's really kind of stupid, if you ask me. Can somebody tell me?"

"Are there any Davey Allison fans out there that would be interested in a large Texaco promotion poster? I would like to get rid of it. I would give it to anyone real cheap just to get rid of it."

"Gov. Glendening wants to tie the University of Maryland Hagerstown campus in with cigarette tax. What did he tie the Montgomery County campus in with?"

"Years ago, home demonstrations were given for cookware called Miracle Maid. If anyone has a set of these pans in good condition they would like to sell, please call 301-432-6845."

"This is for the people on Jefferson Boulevard who seem to think this is 'Leave it to Beaverland." They send their children out to catch the school bus one at a time. It takes an awfully long time to send them out the door one at a time and there's an awful lot of people waiting in line behind the school bus. Please, have your children waiting for the school bus. A school bus ride is a privilege, not a right."

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