Fees change at pool, Hager House

February 25, 1999|By DAN KULIN /Staff Writer

Fee changes for the Hagerstown public swimming pool and Hager House were unanimously approved by Hagerstown City Council members Tuesday.

The regular price of most season passes at the pool will go down this summer. However, because the approved changes also eliminate discount packages, the actual cost for some season pass holders will increase.

Under the new rates:

* The price of day passes at the Claude M. Potterfield Pool will go up or down 25 cents, depending on the swimmer's age.

* The cost of a pool pass for the 1999 summer season will go from $110 to $75 for families; from $65 to $40 for adults; from $45 to $30 for seniors and students; from $20 to $15 for preschoolers; and from $150 to $175 for corporate season passes.


* Discounts on season passes will be discontinued.

Previously, city residents, city employees and YMCA members received a 50 percent discount on their season passes. The price of a season pass for a family living in the city will go up from $55 to $75, under the new rates.

The fee changes also will affect the Hager House and Municipal Stadium.

* Admission and tour costs at Hager House will increase from $3 to $4 for adults. A new rate for senior citizens will keep their admission at $3.

* The price for using Municipal Stadium will increase from $60 to $75 for day games and from $90 to $100 for night games.

The rate changes were recommended by the city Department of Public Works and the city Parks Board as a way to increase revenue at those attractions, which are generally subsidized by the city, City Public Works Manager Doug Stull said.

Annual operating expenses at Potterfield Pool typically are between $60,000 and $100,000 more than revenues, Stull said.

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