Shopping center changes hands

February 24, 1999|By RICHARD F. BELISLE, Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Potomac Shopping Center, built 37 years ago to serve Waynesboro's south end, has been sold to two local men, the owner of the 13-store complex said Wednesday.

Nickson Oyer said he sold the shopping center to Dr. Robert G. Zimmerman, a dentist, and Paul Gunder, a real estate agent, for $1.182 million. Oyer said he sold the property because he is getting up in years and wants to do some estate planning.

He and his wife, Alma Oyer, built the center in 1962. It was built for Builders and Developers Inc., their development company, he said.

"Most of the tenants are original," Oyer said. "The center has been filled up continuously since we built it."

Zimmerman, whose own office is in the center, said this is the first time he has ventured into the real estate market. "It just fell together," he said. "{I heard it was for sale, but I had no experience or expertise so I approached Paul (Gunder) and asked him if he wanted to join me in it."


Zimmerman said he and Gunder are happy that the center will remain in local hands. "It's a very community-based shopping center that was built to serve this area," he said.

The shopping center, at the south end of South Potomac Street, is anchored by a Super Thrift Market, its biggest store. The most popular destination is the Parlor House Restaurant, Zimmerman said. Among other stores there are a branch bank, hair salons, launderette, insurance agency, dentist offices and a tanning salon.

Zimmerman said he and Gunder don't plan any major changes.

Gunder could not be reached for comment.

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