Mail Call

February 24, 1999

"I am not concerned about the stadium. If we get a new one, fine. If we don't, that's fine, also. I am not a yea-sayer or a nay-sayer. What I'm concerned about is whether the county will be ready for the year 2000. What are the Commissioners doing to see that all computers are ready? We have heard from other areas, what about the county? Or will it be just another mess? Thank you."

"Hi, Mail Call. I'm calling because I lost a wedding band. It's a gold one and it could be out there at the Martin's parking lot or in the building of Martin's Store out at Fountaindale. If anybody finds it, please call Mail Call and give a phone number, so I can contact you. I'd appreciate it and there'll be a reward. Thank you Mail Call."

"Mail Call, I done called in about 15 times about this little deal here. You let the homosexuals and lesbians put in the paper whatever they want to put in there. So, I can't understand why you don't want to print The Lord made Adam and Eve, He didn't make Adam and Steve. I don't see no big deal in it myself, but you people seem to. Must be some of you over there, too."


"Last week my family and I ate at Junction 808 restaurant in Hagerstown. When our beverages were served I noticed what appeared to be fecal matter on the inside of my son's cup. Our waitress simply offered to give him a new cup, with no concern for my outrage. It frightens me that this issue was taken so lightly. I was under the impression that it was a religious, respectable family restaurant. However, sanitation must not be a priority."

"MSO fans. Listen up. Now that we have heard the rest - let's bring back the one and only, the very best. Let's bring back Barry Tuckwell, back to the MSO in Hagerstown. Thank you."

"We should stop building memorials to the veterans. Build houses, homes. You know how many are homeless?"

"Yes, out at the City Park, when you go past where they're doing all that new work at the lake, instead of worrying about a dog to chase the geese, everybody should go out and look at the damage the crows are doing. You can't even park there anymore and look at the ducks and geese in the water. The street white, the trees are breaking down. Would somebody please check that out? Thank you."

"Leave Tyson alone. Maybe they should fire the macho guard who hung up the phone on Mike, probably just to insult and anger him. Also, I'd like to say, Mike did nothing in a hotel room with a woman that our dear president has not done. Only difference is, Mike did time."

"I was wondering if anybody out there does hauling to the dump for pay. You can contact me at 301-745-6608. I have a washing machine and a bunch of other stuff that has to go."

"Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you home alone and really lonely? Westview Singles Life has a place for you. While you are lying on the couch mulling over your divorce, widowhood or just feeling sorry for yourself, call Richard at 1-304-274-6557. You don't have to be home alone."

"This is for the person that wrote in about the veterans coughing up money for the wall. My husband is a disabled veteran, and he paid the ultimate price when he had to have steel rods put in his back. Think about that."

"I just have to say to Jeff Gordon fans, he blowed a motor Sunday, and he will blow another one again. He can't win every race."

"So, I guess this is Bester Elementary's newest answer to the traffic problem in the afternoon. Position two belligerent cops in the parking lot and not allow people to make a left turn. What kind of nonsense is this? There was no problem with the traffic turning left or right as long as we had a guard out there to stop traffic for the couple of minutes that it took us to get out. Don't tell me that I'm going to have to turn right every day and go up to two lights and make a U-turn to come back and go through just to get home. It's ridiculous. And I don't need to be hassled and verbally abused by the two crummy cops you put out there in the parking lot. You ought to find a better way to deal with it."

"I would like to congratulate David Iseminger from South Hagerstown High School on becoming the new student member of the State Board of Education of Maryland. Congratulations, Dave."

"It's nice that Mail Call will let you call and you will print something good about someone. And that's what I'd like to do today. There's a lady in Williamsport that does so much for others and never complains or even wants credit for what she does and has don a caring and giving lady, and a great landlord and friend. So, Betty Harsh, you, with your kindness and giving-of-yourself, have a super day and bless you. Thanks, Mail Call."

"Donald, I just want to say that I love you very much and you mean so much to me and always will. Love, Amanda."

"We would like to thank WJEJ for doing high school basketball, but I really do think there's other counties that would like to hear their games, rather than South High."

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