Mooney withdraws VEIP bill

February 23, 1999

ANNAPOLIS - On the eve of a Senate hearing, Sen. Alex X. Mooney withdrew his bill to exempt Washington County residents from the vehicle emissions test.

In a procedural move, Mooney, R-Frederick/Washington, handed control of the bill's fate to Del. Christopher B. Shank and other Washington County delegates.

"Chris Shank is an expert in this. He's been working on this for years. I didn't want to go before him," said Mooney, who was scheduled to present the bill to fellow members of the Judicial Proceedings Committee on Tuesday.

Instead, a bill sponsored by the Washington County legislative delegation must first pass the House of Delegates before it gets to Mooney's committee.


In the House, it will be heard by the Environmental Matters Committee, which has no members from Washington County.

"I think it's fine. We'll just put all of our eggs in this basket and put it on the House side. What really matters is we make the best argument in committee," said Shank.

Earlier, Shank, R-Washington, said having a companion bill in the Senate doubled its chances.

"One regrets saying that," he said.

- Laura Ernde

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