Mail Call

February 18, 1999

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"We'd like to put a message in to our daughter Sandra, for all her loving kindness that she has shown to us in times of need and giving us a wonderful granddaughter that we love so very much and for all the things that she has done for us. And we just love her so much and we want to let her and our granddaughter know this and she means so much to our hearts and we just wanted to give her the praise that she deserves."


"Could anyone tell me where you can buy "Stone Cold" Steve Austin hats in the Hagerstown area?"

"I have read the articles about Western Heights. I agree that parents need to get involved and find out what is going on in the school, at the bus stops and in every part of your child's life. I have a Western Heights bus stop in front of my house. Some of the kids' behavior is ridiculous. I could have the bus stop moved to another corner. But it has already been moved several times because no one wants them in front of their house. I don't want it moved for selfish reasons. Next year my daughter will go to Western Heights and I want to know what she is doing and what is going on because I am very fearful for her to attend this school. I do believe there is a lot going on at this school that parents do not know about. I see what can go on in less than 15 minutes at a bus stop and how they act when they are getting off at the bus stop. I can't imagine what goes on in a six-hour day at the school."

"This is in response to the person complaining about landlords that do not rent to people with pets. The reason that landlords do not allow pets in their rental properties has nothing to do with how you care for your pet, it's how the pets destroy the property. Can these people with references guarantee that your dog will not go to the bathroom on the carpet, chew things up or dig up the yard? Maybe your dog is an excellent pet now. But what about when he is old or sick and can't control his urine or bowels? Who's going to want to rent a house that smells like dog or cat urine and what landlord wants to replace the carpet every time someone moves out? I do agree with you that pets are very special but most people do not care about the property if they do not own it and these other people that ruin it for the people that do care. Renting a house that smells like dog or cat urine is very hard to rent. Just as hard as renting a house that reeks of cigarette smoke."

"There are companies that are ripping the older people off. All the magazines that I subscribe for they know my age and that is 76. They are preying on the older people for their forgetfulness by the way of sending them renewal notices, saying this is your last issue if you don't renew your subscription. I have found myself sending in renewal checks when it wasn't necessary. So all you seniors out there hang on to your canceled checks as long as you think it is necessary."

"Does anyone know if there is a business called Hub Cap Heaven or something similar in Hagerstown where you can buy used hub caps?"

"Well here we go with another idiot using their race car to cover up his own tracks. The man has in here what is the difference between professional football and professional baseball. O.K., Lawrence Taylor did wrong when he was off the field and wasn't playing no longer by using his drugs. I don't condone it at all. He was wrong. But what he did on the field is what counts. Now the reason why Pete Rose was not elected to the Hall of Fame is because he bet on baseball. He even bet on his own team internally. So you tell me who was more wrong."

"O.J. Simpson, not guilty, William Jefferson Clinton, not guilty, think about it."

"Now that all this impeachment nonsense is over and it is time for Congress to get to work, what is good ol' Roscoe Bartlett doing? He's sponsoring a bill to allow a private group to do a feasibility study to see if we could add Ronald Reagan's head to Mt. Rushmore. The Park Service said it is a bad idea. The structure the rocks around the sculptures won't hold it, but Roscoe Bartlett said, oh who cares. Let's not worry about the rest of America, let's pass stupid little bills that don't really affect anybody. Thanks, Roscoe, I keep voting against you. Maybe everybody else will sooner or later."

"We hear a lot about the $40 million spent by Ken Starr for the investigation of Clinton, but do we hear anything about what it cost Clinton for defense? I saw on a talk show the other night where it cost Clinton $4,000 an hour for each lawyer that he had. I just wonder who is paying that bill. Seems reminiscent of O.J. Simpson with the high price lawyers getting the guilty off."

"Please, when can we expect the paving to be finished between Halfway and Williamsport?"

"I would like to respond to the person inquiring about Armed Forces Day. It is on May 15th and it is also Peace Officers Memorial Day."

"Yes, I live on Potomac Street in Williamsport. There is one running for city council. If more council people and the mayor and the assistant mayor would be like him and respect the citizens in Williamsport we would be a better town to live in. You have my vote Earl, go get em'."

"Yes Mail Call. I would like to know these people over in Williamsport, what they are running for. Why don't they put in there whether they are Democrats or Republicans so you know how to vote. You can't just put in their three names and don't know what you're going to vote for."

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