Clinton views mixed locally

February 15, 1999

"I think Clinton is a liar and I never thought that I'd be able to or want to chance my party affiliation but hence forth from today, I'm a Republican."

"I'm very happy that Clinton was acquitted. I think he's done a wonderful job as president and I'm a Republican but I doubt if I'll vote Republican again."

"Jerry Falwell was right. He was wrong I mean. The Anti-Christ is not a Jew. The Anti-Christ is in the White House right now."

"I'm glad he's not guilty. If anybody, I think they should get Starr and Monica. I'm so happy for him."

"Well, I think most of us knew what the results were gonna be when it all started. The government is very good at wasting money."


"I'd like to correct the headline in Saturday's Herald-Mail. It should have read, 'Clinton acquitted by partisan jury.' The lying weasel is definitely guilty and was acquitted along party lines. He's by no means 'not guilty'."

"I'm 81 years old past, and I've lived through a lot of things but I've never lived through anything like this Clinton trial. I think what they should do with Bill Clinton is to send him somewhere out in the middle of the ocean and dump him."

"I'm glad it's over and I don't think it should have ever been brought before the country as it was. It should never have left the House. The President is not guilty and he deserves to finish out his full term. He's one of the greatest presidents that this country has ever had. Just look at the economy and it will really show you what has happened and as for his sexual problems, that should have been just like everything else, kept behind his closed doors and in private."

"Well, you know that old saying - Only in America."

"I believe that it's due."

"I'm glad it's over. I know that the Clinton family is too. No one is perfect. He's not above reproach to anyone. This has been a witch hunt by the Republican party from the very beginning. I believe that those women were paid to do this. No one would keep a soiled garment for 2 years for no reason. Let's be real about this. He's a man of integrity and he's done extremely well for the country and he's also done extremely well for the office. They couldn't get him out politically so they tried to bash his character. It was ridiculous and thank God it's over."

"Well, I think he should have been throwed completely out of office. I just seen on TV that he's going to send 4,000 troops overseas. He's a draft dodger himself to start with, a cheat, and a liar. He lied from the beginning and he's not even worthy of being the president of the United States. I'm sorry that he wasn't convicted and throwed completely out. Maybe even out of the country."

"Well, when it comes to the Clinton affair, I think that all politicians will use anything they can to get their point across. They were all womanizers and I think most of them, Republicans and Democrats, if they would stand up and be honest and raise their hand, most of them would have done the same thin in the past. As far as I'm concerned, I don't believe any politician."

"I think the man is guilty as charged and this puts him above the law. Anyone else would be put in jail for it."

"I personally think this verdict is justified simply because of the fact that several members of Congress, the Senate and other political seats have now came forth and admitted to affairs. Shouldn't they all be removed from whatever office or position they hold is the president is? Can we really afford to sentence all that have came forth and admitted their sins in our government? I think not. It may be morally wrong but face it folks, it's between Clinton and his wife and not the whole world. And yes, I have to admit to my sins too. I too, am guilty. Are you going to charge me and send me to trial? Most of the entire world needs to be tried if this is the case. It may not be right, but we as society are all guilty of something. Let's get on with the important things in the world. It's over and done with. Let's let it go. He may be guilty of having an affair but aren't most of us?"

I think they did the right thing by voting not guilty. What he did was wrong and I don't agree with it but I did not agree either with Ken Starr putting it on the Internet for the whole world to see. When he became the sex police, that's when the whole thing became wrong. Let the man alone and let him get on with his job."

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