Thumbs up, thumbs down

February 11, 1999

Thumbs up!To Ryan Yost, a 17-year-old honor roll student at Washington County Technical High School, for the work he did to win "rookie of the year" honors at the Halfway Fire Company.

Thumbs up!To Bester Elementary School Principal Drenna Reineck, for agreeing to wear a boa constrictor around her neck if her students would meet their goal in a canned food drive. This lady's not only a good sport, she's got guts!

???To everyone who got worked up over whether or not Pluto would continue to be classified as a planet: One way or the other, what possible difference does it make to anybody?

Thumbs up!To Del. Sue Hecht, D-Washington, Frederick, for introducing a bill to make it illegal for prison inmates to spray their jailers with blood, urine or fecal matter. At present, offenders can be punished, but not with additional time.


Thumbs up!To George Vandruff of Williamsport, for helping police arrest a suspect who was wanted on three Pennsylvania warrants, and whose vehicle contained two loaded handguns.

Thumbs downTo the "Today Show" and "Larry King Live" for agreeing to interview Linda Tripp, everybody's nightmare - the pal who listens to your darkest secrets, then blabs them to the world. Leave her to the obscurity she deserves.

Thumbs up!To the Maryland General Assembly, for granting the Maryland Taxpayers' Association a rare interview on their concern that government is taking and spending too much cash.

Thumbs up!To all the officers and rescue workers honored during the annual Law and Safety Day celebration in Martinsburg, W.Va. As presenters noted, they're not only coping with crime, but with the Eastern Panhandle's explosive growth.

Thumbs downTo the U.S. Senate, for its decision to hold deliberations on the impeachment vote behind closed doors. The nation needed to hear why some believe Clinton isn't fit.

Thumbs up!To America's teens, who the Center for Disease Control says are not fathering children or getting pregnant as frequently as they did in the last 20 years. Perhaps they've learned that there is something that's worth waiting for.

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