Mail Call

February 05, 1999

"Hi, I would just like to wish a happy birthday to Connie Talbert on Feb. 5th. Enjoy your day."

"I would like to tell Boo that I love him, from Jamie Sue."

"Congratulations to Angie Robinson on the birth of your new little baby girl. She is beautiful."

"I think the City of Hagerstown and Washington County should stay out of the real estate business and also the stadium business."

"This is in response to the person who thinks that they know the right age and qualification to have a baby. They say the right age is to be two adults, financially able to support a baby and emotionally stable. If somebody would wait to have a baby until they are financially stable to support one, they would never have one. Because the rates of supporting a child raises every day. And by the time you have saved enough and you'd think to have one, the rates would have already gone up and you wouldn't have enough still. So wake up America, none of you give the right. It's God who gives the choice to the one that has a baby. If he didn't think you could handle it, he wouldn't give it to you."


"It seems like our dear president is going to get off in this Senate trial because they don't have the evidence against him, which half of it is probably lies. I see where Starr is trying to dig up stuff that happened years ago. They are trying to stir up something else on him."

"You know what the state of Maryland really needs to do is to have state troopers set up around the state line so they could check people's cars that are coming here from New York and Florida and New Jersey and even have them check down in Baltimore County to Hagerstown. You could check their cars and see what they are bringing in here and if they are bringing drugs that is going to save you a lot of time and money than wasting the time and money of the taxpayers of setting up these watches on people. Do that, that would save a lot of time."

"This is in response to the school curriculum and so much being expected by the students. I too believe that they are adding too much to the curriculum that it doesn't give the children enough time to be kids. They even cut recess time because there is not enough time in the day for the curriculum. My son's teacher said we haven't hit the tip of the iceberg. No wonder my second-grader comes home like he's a caged animal. He's been in a cage all day. Something needs to be done. Someone please call into Mail Call and give us the name of a person to voice our concerns."

"Hello Hagerstown, I hate people who hate people that love Spam. Spam is the best food on the planet and I ain't too crazy about that person that called in either."

"Is it any wonder the City of Hagerstown is in debt for this year's budget by the tune of $1.1 million dollars when they buy a piece of property downtown and resell it. They buy it for $115,000 and then they resell it for $40,000. Now that is not the way to do business. If you're going to do business, do it properly. And now they are going to tax the citizens of Hagerstown with an unnecessary burden. They are going to spend $14 million or more dollars on a baseball stadium which we need like we need a second hole in our head."

"Sam, Sam, Sam I am! I like to eat Spam with my green eggs and ham."

"I just want to say, I don't think there is a right age to have a baby as long as you are financially ready. And, I know there are a lot of teenage parents out there, and I dig them. I think they are doing a great job raising their kids, continuing high school and having a job. And to the lady that keeps telling the 17 year old to ask for forgiveness. If God never wanted her to have a baby he would never have planted the baby inside of her stomach. And I think it is very important to let everybody know that it is not the teenage mothers fault of how they raise a kid."

"No to the stadium. First it is $10 million, now it's $14 million. Next time you turn around it's going to be $16 million. No, to the stadium."

"I'm glad Commissioner Wivell had the guts to vote against CHIEF's $32,000 tax break. Commissioners if you are granting tax breaks to CHIEF, how about having a serious talk with CHIEF about the Kammerer House. How convenient for CHIEF that the tax break would pay the $30,000 to tear down the Kammerer House and the $2,000 for a consultant to record its demise. Corporate justice."

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