Berkeley Springs, Musselman wrestle to a deadlock

February 05, 1999|By MARILYN JANUS AND TOM JANUS / Staff Correspondents

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W.Va. - How do you break a dead flat even tie? Berkeley Springs and Musselman finished round three of their quad meet with a 42-42 score. In addition, each team had seven wins and seven pins.

West Virginia, which holds no state duals tournament, has no equivalent of the Maryland and Pennsylvania "power rating."

"I don't know what you do now," shrugged the referee, echoed by both coaches.

Everett (Pa.) was the clear winner of the quad, bruising the Applemen 57-21, stalking the Indians 45-27, and cleaning up Clarke County (Va.), 60-9. Berkeley Springs finished second, edging Clarke County 42-39 and wrestling Musselman to a draw.

Considering that there are only 10 Berkeley wrestlers on the entire team, two out of three isn't bad.

"I lost five kids to grades," said Berkeley Springs coach Horace Blankenship. "I'm graduating six seniors, and I have no juniors. I don't care if you're the best coach in the world, you have to have something to work with."


Not to worry. Blankenship's 10 little Indians have quite a system. They forfeit 103 and 112. They send out Corey Reed and state qualifier Billy McCann, both seniors, followed by freshman John Yost. They forfeit 135. At 140, they wrestle their other freshman, Chase Andrews.

Then, like arrows from a quiver, they release senior state placers Jason Seville, Jason Waugh and Tommy Widmyer. Senior state qualifier Ben Godman and explosive sophomore Richard Stotler dispatch any survivors at 171 and 189. They forfeit 215 - and the brave heavyweight is on his own.

The system worked like a charm against quietly intense Clarke County. However, tough, aggressive Everett, with a Pennsylvania state placer at 135 pounds, resisted being put on the defensive. They pinned McCann and Andrews, held Waugh, Widmyer and Stotler to decisions, and defeated Godman 9-5 in a gut-wrenching siege.

Reed (119), Seville (145), Waugh (152), Widmyer (160), and Stotler (189) were all triple winners for the Indians. Berkeley Springs is now 15-10-2, and earned an honorable mention in West Virginia AA-A state rankings.

Wes Kees (130) and Keith Keller (140) were triple winners for Musselman, who went 0-3.

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