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February 04, 1999|By KATE COLEMAN
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What is that Noyes looks for in an author?

"I love a good story. Give me characters I can believe in and pull for," she says.

Roberts responded to Noyes' challenge herself. Instead of spending money on a new book, Roberts suggested that Noyes go to a used bookstore and pick up a copy of one of her many titles. Noyes found "Sacred Sins," published in 1987, read it and was hooked. She since has started a Web page dedicated to Roberts. Found at, it includes newsletters, a list of "Noraholics" and links to related sites.

Roberts responds online all the time, Noyes says. And that's something that has kept her and other Noraholics so interested. A group of about 10 of them gathered in Boonsboro in 1997 to celebrate the second birthday of Turn the Page Bookstore Cafe, owned and operated by Bruce Wilder, Roberts' husband. They came back last summer. Roberts has had dinner with the group and describes the gatherings as a weekend slumber party.


Noyes' boss was able to get an advance copy of "River's End." She considers it Roberts' best book to date.

"It's really exceptional," she says.

Roberts has read most of the other authors in the diet Coke promotion - with the exception of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books.

"I haven't the need for any chicken soup," she says.

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