Mail Call

February 04, 1999

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I'm calling because we had a chimney fire on Sunday in our home on West High Street and I wanted to praise the Sharpsburg Ambulance Fire and Rescue and the Williamsport Fire and Rescue for their rapid response and their professional attitude and the manor in which they conducted themselves at our home. And, also how they helped save our home from further fire from the chimney fire. A great big thank you goes out to all these services."

"I think that Hagerstown should talk to the Maryland Stadium Authority, they would build them a stadium and give them millions of dollars for free."


"I'm calling to thank the two men in the Danley's Cleaning service truck who helped me on Friday about 12:30. They changed my tire for me. I had my three small kids with me. It's people like you two that help make the world a better place."

"I'm calling in to the person who hates people that eat Spam. I would just like to say that I eat Spam at least two or three times a week and I find nothing wrong with it."

"Several months ago, I wrote an article to Mail Call stating that Clinton would face impeachment charges surely as the sun comes up in the morning. If he escapes impeachment, Judge Starr would indict him for obstruction of justice and perjury and at least ten other charges. I also stated that perjury is a tough rap to beat. Impeachment has already occurred, now indictment will almost surely follow. Some people possess conventional wisdom, they know what will occur in the future. Others, due to their prejudices cannot see farther than their nose. Their are several points you liberal Clinton lovers should keep in mind. Washington County already has more Republican voters registered than Democrats. We now have six Republicans and two Democrat delegates to Annapolis. Congressman Bartlett will be your representative for as long as he wants to serve. Conventional wisdom says this country will elect a Republican president in 2000. Get used to the idea because it will happen."

"Good evening Mail Call. It's Monday evening, interesting article on the County Commissioners. It's featuring County Commissioner Bill Wivell. In reality it appears we only have one new commissioner - Wivell. All the others are voting like the old ones."

"I want to wish my wife Belinda a happy birthday. I love you. Have a nice day, your husband, Troy."

"The new road patterns at Day road and Dual Highway are dangerous. Those barriers of whatever sort they are, are so high that it is impossible to see if traffic is coming from your right so that you can go ahead and go across or make the left hand turn. I suggest that whoever did that fiasco, re-think it. And it probably would be better to go ahead and put a traffic light up there than to have that. Also, tractor-trailers are having a hard time making the turn through those barriers because the entrance is so narrow. I would suggest that somebody at the state highway look into this before someone gets seriously hurt."

"You know I was born and raised in the United States but sometimes I get the feeling that it is not my country anymore. I just had to change a battery in my car and don't you know when I plugged it back in all the writing came back in Spanish. Sometimes it just makes you feel like, you know, you're second best. Like it's all been given away to somebody else."

"On Jan. 15, my husband and I were injured in an auto accident at the intersection of Little Antietam and Old Forge Road. While we were waiting for the ambulance someone gave us a beautiful handmade baby blanket to cover us. In the confusion, I have no idea who gave us the blanket. I would like to make arrangements to return it to its rightful owner. The blanket was not soiled or damaged in any way. Please call 301-733-0623 to make arrangements so that we can return the blanket."

"I've noticed that from the turmoils in Smithsburg to the halls of the White House as well as every where else there is confusion and misery. It's due to as result of the liberal Democrats. Those liberal scoundrels who are always at the root of evil in all our counties, our states and our nations. They are pretty much in control of the TV news media, much of the print media and are the reason for our nation being divided. While the craziest, Republicans, the party of values do their best to keep our government from total immorality."

"I was just wondering if anyone in Hagerstown played bagpipes for weddings and if you do if you could call Mail Call and give some information. I would appreciate it."

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