Plan says stadium would cost $14.5 million

February 02, 1999|By DAN KULIN /Staff Writer

The Home Run Business Park, a new minor league baseball stadium and business park complex, would cost about $14.5 million, according to a business plan developed by the City of Hagerstown.

The plan was distributed to city and Washington County politicians Friday. It is the first specific outline of costs and revenues for a proposed baseball stadium, business park and state visitors center along Interstate 81 at Salem Avenue in Hagerstown.

The plan also gives the project a working name.

The plan was put together last week by city staff including, Planning Department Director Ric Kautz, Assistant City Engineer Rodney Tissue, city Public Information Manager Karen Giffin and city Economic Development Coordinator Debbie Everhart.

Washington County Economic Development Coordinator Tim Troxell and Director of the Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau Ben Hart contributed to the proposal.


According to the proposal, cost of the complex would be at least $2 million more than previously reported figures.

The plan also proposes substantially more funding from the Washington County Commissioners than previously estimated. However, a majority of commissioners haven't said they plan to financially support the project.

Previous cost estimates were for a stadium complex costing between $10 million and $12 million. The city and county each were expected to give between $2 million and $3 million; the state would have been asked for about $5 million, and more than $1 million would have come from private businesses.

Under the latest proposal:

* The city would pay $2,346,468, or 25 percent of the stadium design and construction costs.

* The county would pay $4,227,620, to buy the 68 acres site and pay to put a road and water, sewer and gas lines on the property.

* The state would pay $5,162,936, which would pay for 50 percent of the stadium design and construction costs, and for half the cost of a new visitors center.

* Private businesses would pay $2,816,468 toward stadium construction and design costs, and for half of the cost of a new visitors center.

Contributions from private businesses would include a $1 million stadium naming rights contract with Allegheny Energy.

The new visitors center is expected to cost $940,000, according to the plan.

The plan suggests that the private sector contribution for half the cost of a visitors center could be raised by increasing the state room and lodging tax in Washington County by 1 percent for the next six years.

According to estimates from the plan, the city's investment in the complex would be repaid, through taxes and a lease on the stadium, after 15 years. The county's investment would be repaid after 20 years, according to the plan.

Commissioner Paul L. Swartz said three of the five commissioners who have been publicly undecided on the matter remained undecided Monday.

The stadium complex needs the support of a majority of the County Commissioners to move forward, not only because of their contribution, but because county support is needed for state officials to consider funding the complex.

What it will cost

Total estimated cost of land, stadium, visitors center and roads, water, sewer and other improvements - $14,553,492

Proposed contributions:

  • City of Hagerstown - $2,346,468
  • Washington County - $4,227,620
  • State of Maryland - $5,162,936
  • Private business - $2,816,468
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