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January 31, 1999

ANNAPOLIS - A University System of Maryland task force report last week contained some good news for Washington County.

In a list of 15 priorities for the state's university system, number seven is:

"Encourage and enhance higher education centers, such as the Shady Grove Center in Montgomery County, through the use of technology, as points of collaboration and access for underserved areas of the State."

In December, the university announced its intention to open a Washington County campus.

A site is to be announced this week.

ANNAPOLIS - Del. Joseph R. Bartlett had a revealing comment during a discussion with the Washington County Commissioners about a proposed builders license.

The commissioners told state lawmakers that the builders license law could be modeled after a home improvement license law already on the books.


Bartlett, R-Frederick/Washington, said he knows something about working on houses because he restored his own house near Middletown, Md.

"What difference would it make who does the work. I can hire whoever I want to," Bartlett said.

"As long as they have a license," said Commissioner Bert L. Iseminger, who used to chair the Washington County Planning Commission.

The Washington County Delegation to the Maryland General Assembly delayed action on the commissioners proposal. Lawmakers agreed said a statewide bill may be introduced.

ANNAPOLIS - All four of Washington County's Republican delegates have signed on to a resolution calling for slower growth of the state budget.

The Republican minority leadership called for the state budget to be capped at 4.8 percent over last year.

A bipartisan committee whose purpose is making sure budget increases don't outpace growth in the state economy, has recommended 5.9 percent.

Gov. Parris Glendening's proposed budget shows a 7.3 percent increase over last year.

"We're building in a real crisis here," said Del. Martha S. Klima, R-Baltimore County, during a press conference held by Republican House leaders.

Dels. Christopher B. Shank and Robert A. McKee, who both represent Washington County, attended the press conference. Dels. Joseph R. Bartlett and Louise V. Snodgrass, who represent Frederick and Washington counties, signed onto the resolution calling for the cap.

- Laura Ernde

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