Mail Call

January 28, 1999

"I got a solution to the problem in Washington. Impeach the president, dissolve the Senate and burn down Washington. That way we get rid of all the liars. We get rid of all the bull. We get rid of everything at one time. Politicians are lowlifes. Everyone of them. You name me a politician that hasn't lied to people and I'll never say another word about politicians or anybody, because you can't find anybody. $50 million to find out the man was having sex in Washington. He was wrong. He should be impeached and I'm tired of hearing everybody say poor Monica, poor Monica. If anybody paid attention and read the transcripts they would see that she pushed for these encounters more than Clinton did. And Rep. Hyde, he's been caught in a sex scandal, too. But the difference, he says, he admitted to it. He's a hypocrite."

"I'd just like to say I've never been a big fan of Big Brother always watching us but I think we need cameras around some of these stop lights. I'm getting sick and tired of avoiding people running red lights because they assume that yellow means go fast to beat the red light, and a lot of times they don't. And it makes it even worse when you got a police officer sitting right there at the light watching them do it. Give out some tickets and maybe we can stop this stuff."


"I think we are starting to see a really ugly trend here. The Senate Republicans are saying that basically because some of them have been busted having affairs that is OK to have an affair as long as you admit to it when you are caught, if you are caught. Now you have the International Olympic Committee saying that the $70,000 paid to the African gentleman to vote for Sydney, Australia, for the 2000 Olympics, there was nothing wrong with that because that bribery was never tried to be hidden. As long as you don't hide it, it is OK. How far are we going to take this? When is somebody going to start holding people responsible for their own actions? Nobody wants to take responsibility for themselves anymore. Sick country."

"Concerning the editorial in the paper about the transportation funds helping out area people who drive on our roads and such. If tearing up all the paved roads in Washington County would keep people out, I'd be willing to drive down dirt roads and one- lane highways again."

"I just wanted to let people know that spring is on its way. This is Monday the 25th of January and I just saw a robin at 109 West High St. in Sharpsburg sitting on the post at the entrance to the driveway."

"I would like to wish my husband William Cunningham a happy birthday on Jan. 30th. Love, your wife, Linda."

"Good afternoon. Before you employees of Washington County open your mouth about the County Commissioners getting a raise. If you would know the facts about the County Commissioners you would know that the next new County Commissioners in four years will get the raise, not the County Commissioners that we voted in, in 1998. Check your facts."

"OK, this is to the lady about the teenage pregnancy rate, about it going down. I'm sorry, not everybody who has a kid under age is on welfare. I'm sorry, I'm 17, and I have a baby and I'm not on welfare."

"This is to the people who are talking about the babies and the taxes and all that other goofy stuff. Just to let you know and ask a question, what is the right age to have a baby?"

"Hello, Mail Call. I'm just responding to the woman saying North High doesn't get enough recognition. Their band doesn't get enough recognition, they should just take a look at all the other county schools. A couple of years ago, South should have beaten them at the state tournament in Towson, and every other school came up and told their band director that they should have beaten them. But guess what, North won."

"Reading the paper Jan. 25, two comments: about the individual who goes to bars and got the cigarette smoke on them, shame, shame, shame, what does that booze do to your brain? And the folks at Holly Place, I feel sorry for them, but some of them must have kids that can take care of them. I'm an elderly person, why should I help them because nobody is helping me, but I would love to be able to."

"Happy birthday to our little butterfly Ashley Sprecher, who will be 6 years old Jan. 28th. Love, Mommy and Daddy."

"Hello, I'm calling for people that attend church. If they could respond in Mail Call concerning the different single groups their churches might sponsor for single people in the area. If they could just put the name of the church, the phone number and what activities they have it would be greatly appreciated."

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