Mail Call

January 27, 1999

"I'm calling because I know Mr. Andrew Humphreys from the Board of Education and my children go to Emma K. Doub Elementary School with his children and I would like to tell Mr. Humphreys, you go for it all Mr. Humphreys, because you are the best thing that ever happened to the Board of Education and maybe Washington County will have some smart students for once."

"I would just like to thank the woman at Montgomery Ward who found the Furby in the oven and brought it up to me at the register so that I could purchase it for my son's birthday. That was very, very thoughtful of her and I wish there was more people like that around. Thanks again, it made my son's birthday."

"I think it is about time we get a fresh face in the congressmen position. I am getting tired of hearing Roscoe Bartlett complaining about President Clinton when in turn he should have kept quiet until the proceedings are over with. And, I think it is awfully hypocritical of him to constantly put the president down although he has made mistakes which most of us do not understand, which is fine. But hearing about his own son acting like a juvenile when he is there to represent the Western Maryland community and to make us look like a laughing stock, it is hypocritical. We need a fresh face in there and it doesn't matter if they are Democrat or Republican, I'd vote for the person. A new person needs to be put in his position and also to comment, I didn't like a few years ago how his wife put up the big stink about not being at the head of line of the people that were waiting to get into the White House just because she was the congressman's wife. I don't like the personality of these people at all. We need new faces in here. Better people that care for the people, like Senator, Munson."


"I would like to refer to the blue coupons that you get from your value pack in the mail. I used one of these coupons for a visit to a doctor and my free visit ended up costing me $65 of which my insurance was billed unbeknownst to me. Until I received a bill stating that I still owed on my so called coupon free visit. What my insurance didn't pay after I called to the doctors office they said I could forget what I owed them. But still my insurance got stuck with paying $44.10 on my free doctors visit. So readers beware, ask first what you owe on your free coupon before you use it. You might find that your free cost too much."

"Dick Henson, a very generous person. Donating large amounts of money to various projects as the YMCA, Boy Scouts and others. We happen to know his wife Jane and think she should have been given a little praise. Behind every good man stands a good woman."

"Yes, mail call. I live in a development called Crest Valley. There are restrictions on people walking dogs and their pets. Some follow restrictions and some don't. We have people who have dogs and don't follow the rules and they stand and watch their pets drop their stool or dirt on other people's lawn and to be kind to your neighbor and respect their property as you do your own property I would think that they would carry a pooper scooper and pick up their dirt after their pets, and that would be being a good pet owner. Also, a good neighbor."

"I want to say in response to some of the flurries about poor paper service and so forth. We, on West Washington Street get phenomenally good service from The Herald-Mail carrier. She is always on time, faithful, it doesn't matter what kind of weather. She doesn't skip anything and does a lot of the extras. She goes the extra mile. We try to tip her and she is well worth the service we get."

"I'm very glad that WHAG carried the Maryland game instead of the State of the Union message, I enjoyed every minute of the game."

"The PTA president should be commended for urging the school board to adopt "Character Counts." The only trouble of it is with that mess in Washington they're going to need lots of luck."

"This is for all the people who misconstrued my piece that was in Mail Call about the people waiting in line for the one-cent stamps. I didn't mean the person that was waiting in line for a couple of one-cent stamps. What about the person that wanted 10,000 one-cent stamps. Do you think that maybe he had 10,000 bills to pay that were due all at once? Why don't you just take your time when you read an article and think it out a little bit instead of showing your lack of intelligence."

"In at least two incidents in the last two days Sen. Alex Mooney has given us proof of his immaturity. I think the voters of Washington and Frederick counties who elected him to the state senate need to give him a wake up call."

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