School board passes resolution against school vouchers

January 20, 1999

The Washington County Board of Education passed a resolution Tuesday night opposing private and parochial school vouchers and tuition tax breaks.

Taxpayer-funded vouchers for kindergarten through grade 12 school tuition and fees "drain scarce resources from public school classrooms," the resolution says.

Tax breaks for tuition or expenses "ultimately diminish revenue available for public schools," it says.

The resolution urges all legislative bodies and policy-makers to oppose funding private and parochial schools with tax dollars.

"We're just saying as a school board we're against vouchers," said School Board President Edwin Hayes.

The resolution will be submitted to the National School Boards Association, which is holding a conference on Feb. 1 and 2. The organization lobbies Congress on key issues, Hayes said.

The Washington County Board of Education is a member of the Maryland Association of Boards of Education, which has taken the same stance on school vouchers, according to Hayes.


Everyone urged to Read Across America

Everyone should hit the books on March 2, according to the Washington County Teachers Association.

The second annual Read Across America is also the 95th anniversary of Dr. Seuss' birthday. Last year, 10 million people observed the event, which was the largest celebration of reading in the country ever, according to the National Education Association.

On Tuesday night, Teachers Association President Sharon Chirgott asked the Washington County Board of Education to support the event.

"There are urgent grown-up reasons for this effort," she said. "We know that most kids who leave elementary school as poor readers never catch up.

"We know that when children read outside of school they do better in school. And we know that one of the most important things parents can do is read to their children," she said.

Last year, each board member read to children, according to School Board President Edwin Hayes. The School Board agreed to participate again this year.

Board member Andrew Humphreys urged community organizations like the Washington County Chamber of Commerce to join in.

- Bruce Hamilton

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