Mail Call

January 15, 1999

"I have a suggestion about the funding for the stadium. Why don't we just take and let the people that use the stadium pay for it like a $2 tax on all the tickets that they sell? Same thing with the Baltimore Orioles down at Camden Yards and the same thing with the Ravens. Let the people that use it, let them pay for it. I don't think $2 extra for a ticket would be too much."

"This is to all the people who are concerned and upset about the Kammerer House being torn down. The best way to handle that is for somebody to get on the horn right now and start calling some of the local politicians and get Meryl Elliott off of that committee. The way to do that is to remind them that they are elected and if they are not going to abide by the constituents' wishes, fine. You know we cleaned house with the County Commissioners. I also recommend that anybody that considers making any contributions to that foundation that is in the community now, considers pulling it. "


"I agree with the editorial column in Monday's paper about the County Commissioners that they should re-think their situation as far as letting Mr. Davis and Mr. Shoop take care of the hiring of future employees. I think the County Commissioners should have the say in that. I've been trying to find a job through the county. I've been unsuccessful. I've never been called in or anything and I don't feel that Mr. Davis or Mr. Shoop should be in control of that. I feel the County Commissioners should have their say in that and I totally agree with Monday's editorial column about that."

"This is to the Mail Caller that says that Presidnet Clinton has caused hate and division in the country. The Republicans have been after Bill Clinton for the last six years. They have always hated him. It's nothing new. It has been going on forever. Just leave the president alone and get over it."

"The article that was put in the paper about the Catholic school that was on the cereal box, they weren't the first school as you call it the bowl game. Heritage Academy was on there first and Martin's carried the cereal. So, I wish they would correct that. I don't know who nominated Heritage but they sure were on there with their soccer team."

"I'm calling about the old historic house in Hagerstown, the Kammerer House. To the person who wrote in and said that they needed to put up a cash donation. I don't think money was the issue. The money has been there all along. Nobody is asking the state or the county to fund it. It is simply a matter of allowing the interested parties to purchase that property."

"There is a money reward offered for the return of a Pepsi wallet with contents that was lost in the area of North Martin Street in Clear Spring. We would appreciate it if the contents with the ID photos and school lunch cards and things were returned to 114 Main Street in Clear Spring and there is a reward offered."

"Whenever St. James School's high honor roll students are listed in the paper, their parents names are always listed, too. The public school students may not have the money or the prestige to attend private schools. However, they do deserve the same rights as those in private schools. So if you are going to publish the name of the parents of the students in private schools than you should do it for the public schools also. If not, all honor and high honor students should be listed without the parents names."

"Isn't there a law against littering. I think The Herald Mail should be cited with some kind of a heavy fine for throwing these advertiser papers all over the street, all over the driveways, in the water and then people have to pick them up. I think it's time they stop it or be arrested for it."

"Why doesn't Long Meadow Shopping Center try to attract a Harris Teeter grocery store with their modest prices? It would give us a nice store at a convenient location."

"This is directed at our Councilman Williams in Smithsburg. We got rid of one Mickey Meyers. We do not need another one. If you think you are going to be our next mayor slap yourself and wake up because it is not going to happen."

"If you bet on Mr. Clinton in the Paula Jones case you lost. To answer Mr. James Carvel's question, drag a $20 bill through a trailer park and see what you get. The answer is, $850,000."

"Hi, I would just like to make a comment that today is Wednesday, Jan. 13. The snow storm has been over for four days now and we live on Concord Street and I would just like to say, I wonder where the salt trucks and plow trucks are. We still have not seen a salt or plow truck on our street. We actually had our neighbor have to go to his work to get a backhoe to actually plow at least one lane down the middle of our street so that people could drive around. I was just wondering what Mayor Bruchey can do about that."

"I would like to keep this simple enough so that our new County Commissioners can understand it. No money for a new stadium. Pay the bills. Don't make any new ones. No money for a new stadium."

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