Mail Call

January 14, 1999

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"This is in response to the person in Monday's Mail Call that said the increase for Social Security was just very small and they have diabetes, and they have to pay for all medicine, insulin and syringes. The insulin and syringes are covered under Medicare as of this year. If you would check with your pharmacist or doctor you would find out that that is true. You do not have to pay a penny for your insulin or your syringes or anything else for your diabetes."


"This is for the County Commissioners on the proposed pet laws, how about doing something about the cats that roam free and mess in everybody's gardens and flower beds and all. Why always on dogs?"

"I'm calling in regards to the new 33-cent stamps. Well, I still have 11, 32-cent stamps, I went to get one cent stamps today and they only sell them in batches of 25. Now mind you that is only 14, one-cent stamps more than what I need. But I don't need them. So why don't they sell them by singles instead of by batches of 25. Explain that to me, Post Office."

"Two points. First, anyone who doesn't have the intelligence to know the good things Roscoe Bartlett has done for Washington County must be a Democrat. Second, a packaged electric lamp cover was found in the street at Mapleville near Boonsboro. Put your phone number in Mail Call if you want it. I have it."

"You people calling in saying you are going to switch parties because of the impeachment hearings make me sick. I am willing to bet everything I own if Clinton was a Republican and the House and Senate were controlled by Democrats the situation wouldn't be any different. Like it or not, unfortunately that is the nature of politics. And another thing, if the economy wasn't doing so well you same people would have had Clinton's head a long time ago. What you should have done is voted for Bush in '92 and Dole in '96 then we would have never heard of Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, etc. And the economy would be just as strong thanks to Greenspan, who by the way was a Reagan-appointed employee. Think about it."

"I went to a town council meeting in Smithsburg and I thought some of the councilmen were very rude. While somebody was talking they would butt in and they would just have their own conversation while things were going on. I think that it is time that we do some more changes. Like Boyer said, we left too many behind. They need to be replaced."

"I would just like to say, wake up Democrats and think about what Mr. Clinton said last Friday. The economy has been going good for 93 months. He has only been in there 72 months. So think about it, Democrats. Wake up."

"Mayor Tommy Bowers, we see a big difference in the snow removal in Smithsburg since you took office. It is the best I have seen it in years. Great job, guys."

"I know something that Representative Bartlett did. He came up for, or at least voted for the Medicare plan that drops all the Western Maryland seniors."

"I'm calling in response to the 72-year-old person whose call was in the paper Monday, Jan. 11. I'm sure if she called the Commission on Aging at 301-790-0275 they could give her some information on helpful programs in the community that could assist her with prescriptions, medical care, medications that she might get at a reduced cost, a tax credit for her home, fuel assistance, and other things that could be of great help to her on her limited income."

"To the Washington County employees who are complaining about paychecks, you are no different than the largest-paid employees of Washington County, the Teachers Association and the rest of the employees at the Board of Education. They get paid every two weeks. If you don't believe this, call the Board of Education."

"I would like to know why all the streets from the North End are clear of snow and on the South End of Hagerstown all the streets still have snow and on the parking spots. You can hardly even get your car in or out of them and it is hard to get by on the inside of the streets. There is no favoritism? Yes, there is. Look at it. Wake up."

"I would like to say they call Larry Flynt a pervert. But what is Mr. Clinton? Is he a pervert when you play around with women? Does that make him a pervert or does that make him a saint? The way you hear these women talk, it makes him a saint. I hope that all these women that are taking up for this man, I hope their husbands run out and have a good fling with some old lady or some cute little chick. Because evidently, these women have already had their fling. That is why they can go along with it."

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