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Mail Call

January 13, 1999

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 301-791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I heard on the radio that the State of Maryland has a $2 million surplus in its budget. And all of a sudden our Democrat governor wishes to raise our taxes. What is wrong with this picture? What were the Democrats thinking when they elected this guy?"

"My daughter and I would like to thank the South High students who pushed our car off an icy parking space on South Potomac Street on Monday afternoon. They were a great bunch of kids. Thanks again, guys."


"On Friday, Jan. 8, I was driving home coming down Washington Street about 1 in the morning. My wife and I saw this couple pushing a baby buggy. Now this was the first day of the freezing rain and it was raining out and it was really freezing out there. I think it was about 18 degrees. Anybody pushing a baby that hour of the morning in the freezing rain, I don't really think they deserve children."

"I would like to congratulate the trash men who come around on these cold nights picking up our trash. I mean it must be terribly cold on the back of those trucks. We have to applaud these men for the good job that they are doing. I mean, some people they just don't think about things like that. But I applaud them highly."

"Let's face it, Clinton is not really on trial. Congress is on trial. Impeachment is not the issue. The issues are ego and hypocrisy."

"I read in the paper where the Board of Education wants to save money. Why don't they start putting the buses closer to the first pickup? There is always somewhere to hook the bus up and have a hookup in the cold weather. There are three handicapped buses down in the southern part of the county when we only need two. There are two children on one, seven on the other, and maybe nine on the other, passing each other. I know, I used to work for the board of education. They sure do waste money."

"Yeah, I found a Career Studies Center ring for an Angela Surbaugh. If you could contact the Career Studies Center and they can contact me if it belongs to you."

"Yes, this in response to Tim Rowland's article in Sunday's paper, Jan. 10. Everything he said in there was totally wrong. Why doesn't he wise up and get it straight. We're not a bunch of hicks here in Hagerstown or Washington County. If he doesn't like the county he can always go back where he came from. Instead of standing here and putting out such garbage as he does."

"This is for the person who called in Mail Call wanting to know what Roscoe Bartlett had accomplished. Well I tell you one thing. The biggest thing and the best thing he did for Washington County was to beat the liberal he had running against him. It's already tax time in Maryland folks. You all vote those Democrats and liberals in and it is already tax time. I used to be a native Marylander, but no more buddy. I can't pay your taxes."

"I was just reading Mail Call tonight. I'm glad to know that Russ loves Tina. Why couldn't he tell her this in person. Why let the world know it. Childish, isn't it. And also, I'm glad to see that Baby loves Wade. Why can't they put ads in the paper. Are they that cheap? Or do they also want the world to know it. And about a new stadium. We need a new stadium about like we need a dozen Bill Clintons."

"Remember people, God makes the rules. Love, then judgment."

"I was wondering why all the residents in Washington County are putting chairs in the parking places and it's against the law. Why doesn't the state do something about it and gather these chairs up."

"If Mayor Bruchey is so hot on this stadium, why doesn't he donate his salary to the stadium fund?"

"Yes, I see where the dinosaurs in Washington County are still fighting against the new stadium. They fight change in every way in Washington County. They won't be happy until we go back to covered wagons and outhouses. Wake up, Washington County. We need to improve our quality of life. Don't let the dinosaurs rule."

"Yes, as you travel through life, keep your eye upon the donut and not upon the hole. Thank you."

"This is for the person who called in and wants to know how to recycle greeting cards. Dennis Shaw had an article in Sunday's paper a week or two ago."

"I'm wondering if any of the readers know of anyone who restores old cook stoves. The fire boxes and different parts on them. If anyone knows of anyone who restores old cook stoves. Wood burning and coal. Could you put your answer in the paper in Mail Call? Thank you very much."

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