Mail Call

January 12, 1999

"It's snowing once again, heavy and hard. Just want to thank our faithful mail carrier, Mr. Greg Weaver, for still delivering the mail on time today. You're a great mail carrier Greg."

"Hi Mail Call. I'm calling about the traffic jam at Bester Elementary School when people are picking up children after school. They are trying to get on the school lot. In doing this, cars are backed up clear past the intersection of South Potomac Street and Memorial Boulevard. Come on, city police, do something about this. This could cause some terrible accidents."

"President Clinton has caused hate and division in the country, the Congress, and in families. If he thought anything about his country, he would resign."

"Well, here's more about the Maryland vehicle emissions inspection. My father had this car for 10 years and never had to have it inspected because he was over 70 years of age. In fact, he was 85. Now I have the car and I am under 70. So I have to have the car inspected. Will you please tell me why the driver's age keeps people from having the inspection and does the age of the person make the way emissions go out to pollute the air? Somebody better be checking on this."


"Hi, I would like to wish my son Christopher a happy ninth birthday on Jan. 17. From your mother. I love you son."

"Yes, I agree that the snow crazies in the grocery store before a snow storm think they are going to starve to death. Most of them need to lose weight. So stay home and drop a few pounds."

"We don't need a new stadium. Use my tax dollars and give it to the water and sewer department."

"This is to my two snow angels, Dean Mellott and his friend who just got done cleaning the bottom of my driveway out. They wouldn't take any pay for it. They said they liked helping older people and God will take care of them. And he really will. Thank you. God bless you."

"Yes this is in response to the woman who made the comment about the free bras being given away at the one company and not receiving it. I believe I know the place she is talking about. I also bought one. It was back in August when I sent it in. I did receive it. I had never called them. I had forgotten all about it. and I just received it this week. So tell her just to relax, don't worry about it. It will come."

"Hi Mail Call, this is to the person who called in about the mayor of Williamsport and saying he should be replaced. I just wanted Mayor Slayman to know that I think he is doing a good job."

"Yes, I wish all you mean people would get off President Clinton's sex life. That is his own business. The real truth is we should get after what he has done and that is perjury and obstruction of justice throughout his entire presidency. We need a president who isn't corrupt and we need a new first lady, too."

"Well it happened again. The weather was real bad so I called to see if our library was opened and they played me a recording which told me nothing. I still didn't know if the library was open or not because you can't get a live person to answer the phone. So I drive clear down there to the library and it is closed. Why can't they make a recording saying we are closed whenever they have bad weather?"

"I'm calling about an article in Jan. 8th's paper about the person who wonders if people still say thanks for the gifts people have given them. I believe in thank you notes 100 percent. And it really bugs me when people do not send thank you notes or tell you thank you one way or the other. I'm trying to instill it into my 2-year-old child. I made her send thank you notes out to people who sent her Christmas gifts. That she couldn't sit here and say thank you. We make our 2-year-old say thank you. It doesn't sound like it but she tries. And for her birthday party last year, her first birthday, we wrote thank you notes out for everything she received. So, yes there are some people out there that have morals that send thank you notes and let people know they appreciate the time that it took and the effort that it took to go out and buy a gift and give something to somebody. It means something. So yeah, some people do care and there are a lot of people out there that sit there and don't do nothing and just expect gifts all the time."

"I'm reading Mai Call for Jan. 8th where the woman wants someone to write in and tell her why people are taking up for President Clinton. Well, I'm one that is on President Clinton's side. He is still a good president. There are an awful lot of people taking up for him and on his side. So think about it. And yes I did vote for him. This person in Mail Call asked, 'I would like to know how many of them vote and how many of them know what an impeachment is.' I know what an impeachment is and I vote and I voted for President Clinton."

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