Mail Call

January 07, 1999

"Hello. Could someone tell us what really happened out at the mall concerning the children that were standing in line such a long time to get the Beanie Babies. I have heard that this woman and these two children got two complete sets of the new Beanie Babies and were booed out of the store when they wanted their third set for the mother. So many rumors are going around. Can someone clarify what was going on and what really happened and why these children were not allowed to buy. This is really becoming intriguing to know. Thank you."

"All of you saints out there that criticize Clinton. You have missed something. Sex, let's drop this. Enough is enough. Let's go to more important things. Thank you."

"This 1999, a New Year, let's all make a New Year's resolution. Let's stop thinking of only ourselves but others. If we can do this for one in need there may be a time when we will be in need. Thank you."


"Hi, Mail Call. I purchased the local paper to find out our area news around Hagerstown. But a lot of times there are things I see on the road but it is never reported. Like an accident down at Devil's Backbone on New Year's Day. Now I just passed an accident on Route 64, the Leitersburg Pike, up here around Highland Manor and none of that is ever reported. You wonder why. Whose fault is that? The police or the paper. You know you hear all about Frederick, Chambersburg and Virginia but never everything in Hagerstown. Please inform me."

"Hi, Mail Call. How do you be polite to try to tell an old couple on my block that they need to mind their own business and get a life. They know everything that goes on that block. If they don't, they call a neighbor to find out. Please tell me how to be nice and tell these people to mind their own business. Thank you."

"This is to Tommy Bowers of Smithsburg. I'm not waiting like a pack of wolves for you to make a mistake. As far as I'm concerned you are a mistake and always will be. Sorry, Smithsburg."

"Hello, Mail Call. I was reading in Sunday's paper that the major at the Salvation Army had made a statement where the bell ringers were not loud in the mall previously. I remember when Revco was in the mall. They were loud in the mall. I know because I was out there because I saw them and I rang the bell inside the mall. Thank you."

"Hi, I was out taking a drive yesterday morning around 10:30 on Netz Road. Just think of this, we thought it was wintertime out there. These two elderly people were out washing their Mercedes. Good for them. They are up in age too. But they were out there washing their Mercedes. I was hoping that TV 25 Alive would have came along and taken their pictures. It would have been a great thing to do. Thank you."

"You know this is a sick world out here. But I didn't know I live next door to a sicko, a kleptomaniac who had the audacity to come into my home last Monday and take money from my home when the parents were not here. My young daughter was here and she played on this kid and set her up to take the money all the time. But you know what. What comes around goes around and you're going to get yours. But I hope the court system takes care of it. I hope that they do."

"Great story on the County Commissioners, John Schnebly, Bert Iseminger, Paul Swartz. What I want to know is the rest of those guys that were on that 1967 South High basketball team. Who are they and where are they now? Thank you."

"Hello. I am very concerned about the pets and animals that have to stay out in this freezing weather. All domestic animals should have shelter. An easy way to weatherproof a dog's box is to secure heavy plastic on three sides and put a flap on the door to keep out the cold wind. Cedar chips make a good bedding. And more food is required than in the warmer months. Their water should be checked daily to see if it is frozen. Thank you."

"Hi, Mail Call. I see where now Elizabeth Dole might run for president. She gave up the Red Cross job that's 200 and some thousand dollars a year plus and George Bush's son is thinking about running for the president. Why don't these people just go away and let somebody else run without the name of recognition. We don't need them. We had them before. We don't need them now. Thank you very much."

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